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Founded by Director Nadene Barretto in 2011, Eight Recruitment is a Newcastle-based company specialising in the strategic placement of professional staff across a multitude of sectors. The business was named Eight Recruitment for its guaranteed rate of 8% when signing exclusive contracts. The industry rate is around 16-25%.

Headjam helped rebrand Eight and their unique 8% proposition in 2017, with a bold and quirky campaign. In 2022, we were re-engaged to help re-articulate Eight’s unique positioning in the marketplace.

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Nadene Barretto is a fun, charismatic individual with 20+ years' of experience in recruitment. She runs Eight Recruitment with her husband, Director and well-known rugby union player, Steve Barretto. The company has grown from three people in 2017 to almost 12 people in 2022, and are known for their unique and colourful approach to all things recruitment.

The recruitment sector has been challenged over the last three years with historically low unemployment rates and the post-pandemic re-evaluation of life and career. It has created a highly competitive recruitment market, where employees call the shots.

Five years after our initial brand project and website design and development, we were once again engaged to work with Eight to reinvigorate their brand and presence in the marketplace.


Grow their market share in Newcastle.

Target Audience

Candidates and clients in the Newcastle region across construction, finance, accounting and executive industries.

Consumer Proposition

Your recruitment superhero.

Desired Consumer Response

"I trust that Eight understands my business needs and can find the best fit for me.”

Creative Solution

Working closely with Nadene and Steve to develop a brief from Eight’s Business Strategy two objectives were clear – to grow market share in Newcastle and to maintain cut-through and visibility in the candidate market.

The brand pillars of colour, noise and movement continue to cut through for Eight from the original brand campaign in the market since 2017. With a focus on high-quality production, we set to create a bold and eye-catching campaign that reflected Eight’s unique proposition and the company’s vibrant personality.

The creative solution is a strategic evolution of the existing campaign, with particular attention given to creating an approach that competitors would struggle to or (in some cases) aspire to replicate. The introduction of French Bulldogs (Steve and Nadene’s pups) to the Eight brand allowed for a unique and eye-catching expression of the company, adding a layer of ‘humanness’ without relying on Steve and Nadene being the only face of the business. The solution also answers the strategic need for lots of content, with an almost limitless ability to create stories from the campaign images.

Embracing the bold colours of the Eight brand, the pups were photographed and filmed. The campaign kicked off with the line ‘New job feels’, and accompanying sound effects and movement aim to replicate the joy and elation of finding that perfect job fit - something the Eight team are truly passionate about. Bespoke illustrations, animation and sound effects complemented each image to meet the brief of colour, sound and movement.

The concept was adapted across website, social content and broadcast mediums.

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