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Lane Campos is a real estate agent in Newcastle, NSW, founded by David Lane and Roland Campos to transform the modern real estate experience and become the leading property agency in the area.

Driven by the desire to forge memorable and supportive buying and selling experiences, Lane Campos partnered with Headjam to help articulate their unique brand essence and point of difference. We designed all customers touch points, including digital experiences like their website all the way to open homes material, collateral and signage.

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The real estate industry has been plagued by unethical practices, and misleading information, causing people to become cautious of real estate agencies. News stories that highlight scams and dishonest practices only add to the skepticism. With so many recruitment agencies in the market, Lane Campos needed to prove their genuine commitment to their clients' best interests.

Headjam worked closely with Lane Campos to help articulate their difference, emphasising their straightforward approach to helping people. We tackled this task holistically, including an awareness campaign, website development, and a range of materials that supported their brand.


Build trust in the community whilst working to grow the business.

Target Audience

Home buyers and sellers looking a humanistic approach to property.

Consumer Proposition

Someone to trust.

Desired Consumer Response

“The WHOLE process of working with Dave and Roland was awesome.”

Creative Solution

Based on Dave and Roland's straightforward and caring approach, we opted to take a comprehensive look at all of Lane Campos' business communication components. Collectively, we decided to do a rebrand to ensure all the messaging was consistent and clear across all channels. We evolved the original logo into a warmer, friendlier version and added a second colour to represent the two key parts of the business being Dave and Roland.

As Dave and Roland are well known in the community, we wanted to make sure they were front and centre of their brand to leverage their great reputation and strengthen our positioning efforts. We photographed Dave and Roland's profile photos using light and dark backgrounds.

We found great inspiration for the campaign in the Lane Campos ethos of transparency and honesty. Their direct approach and commitment to avoiding misleading language truly stood out to us, and we were excited to incorporate those values into the campaign.

The campaign utilised the well-known hyperbolic language seen on real estate ads. We then added an additional layer of Lane Campos’ honesty and humour over the top. “We say what we mean and mean what we say." That is Lane Campos' brand in a nutshell.

In 2022, Lane Campos proudly took on the role of Principal Partner for the Newcastle Pride festival, a significant milestone that symbolises their commitment to supporting and uplifting the LGBTQIA+ community.

As a celebration of progress and a recognition of the challenges still faced by the community, Lane Campos released a booklet paying tribute to the incredible Drag Queens from the Newcastle area. Within the pages of this booklet, our local Drag Queens generously open up their homes and share their personal stories, creating an intimate and inspiring glimpse into their lives. This heartfelt initiative by Lane Campos serves as a powerful testament to their dedication to fostering inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance within the Newcastle community.

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We say what we mean and mean what we say… that is the Lane Campos brand in a nutshell.
Mike PrestonHeadjam Executive Creative Director
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