After several years sharpening her skills in Melbourne and Sydney, Sarah came home to Newcastle in 2011 take the reigns of Headjam’s design team. Her skillset is broad, and her speciality is driving collaborative design process that produces a highly original look and feel for each client.

An early obsession with album artwork and music posters started her journey into design work. As her career progressed her focus shifted toward UI/UX, striving to create the most elegant and usable digital designs for websites and apps. Her comprehensive training includes study in both graphic design, fine arts and fashion. She has appeared at Melbourne’s prestigious RMIT as a guest lecturer and industry consultant, assisting with the assessment of student work.

What I love about design is the problem solving process. It's all about finding the most elegant solution within a set of constraints.

Sarah is continually updating her skills and continues to enjoy delving into the hand made side of things – a sketch pad and assortment of coloured pencils are always at hand. She also has a more than nerdy obsession with keyboard shortcuts.

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