User experience design (UX, UXD or UED) aims through superior design and planning to create an interface with the customer that optimises their level of satisfaction. This process involves a careful series of steps and thorough execution of safe guards and systems to ensure your website is delivered on time and on budget.

User experience design improves human and computer interaction by working on aspects of a product or service, relies on careful testing and research at key stages of production.

User experience design shapes the user interface by controlling graphics and employs industrial design to direct physical interaction with the material presentation of the interface.

Headjam have the ability to execute cutting edge user experience design for you. By staying abreast of the most recent developments in human-computer interaction we maximise usability and accessibility, and enhance the user interface (UI) of your communications.

We have worked across a wide range of industry sectors, and frequently collaborate with universities on producing world first user experience design, meaning Headjam have the skills to collaborate with you, regardless of your specialty.