Community, for us, is about the collective and its interrelation.

We want to actively be involved in identifying problems and developing solutions for our community; striving to be an agent of change and helping to create a better place for us all – especially those in greater need.

With over a decade serving the community industry, we collaborate on projects that focus on social justice, help shape services, inform, build trust, connect people and resources, develop new leaders, and create opportunities for the collective.

We love collaborating with organisations that serve the community. From the ones that provide community services to festivals, venues and spaces that allow people to connect and enjoy our culture, music and food.

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We are all about people, ideas and collaboration.
Luke KellettManaging Director

Through research, planning and implementation of communication and marketing strategies, we provide end-to-end solutions to organisations working in the community sector to:

  • Raise their brand awareness
  • Promote their products and services
  • Increase their number of intakes/customers
  • Position themselves in the market
  • Reach new audiences
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How we help

Brand strategy

A brand is the meeting of attributes that distinguish it from the rest. A group of cohesive characteristics that an audience can relate to and recognise in the market. For organisations to thrive and be future-proof, they need a strong brand, and it can only be achieved with consistent messaging, true to its mission and defined by its values.

Marketing strategy

We employ strategic models and tools to create the best marketing mix for organisations that serve the community. Our marketing strategy is focused on utilising your organisation’s limited resources on the greatest opportunity to achieve your goals.


Copywriters write engaging content for the purpose of advertising or marketing an event, project or exhibition, from blog posts to marketing communications slogans or taglines.

Our approach to every project is unique, and is tailored to individual client needs.


Sites can be seen now as the face of your brand. It’s potentially the first place your audience goes to find out more about you and what you offer. A seamless and positive web experience can really impact your bottom line.

Headjam's development team create fully-customised websites, choosing the best content management systems (CMS) and tailoring them to our clients’ requirements. This includes integration of third-party applications and services, e-commerce, unified hosting platforms and enterprise secured solutions.

We have solved many complex problems for our community industry clients, from fully integrated online galleries to custom shopping carts and online booking systems for hospitality venues and online appointment scheduling platforms.

Social media strategy

Social media strategy is another integral part of a modern-day marketing mix. It’s easily accessible, trusted and fosters awareness and participation. Social media allows you to connect with your audience and make them feel heard.

It drives word-of-mouth and allows a direct line to your audience.

Marketing collateral

We produce high-quality marketing collateral such as annual reports, business cards, brochures, flyers, catalogues, magazines, menus, signage, etc.

We implement creative layouts to meet your communication needs and manage the production so you don't have to worry about a thing.