Ben is not your average developer. He's a talented writer and digital project designer, and a very funny bugger.

We're lucky enough to have Ben: a web and digital developer who is expert in responsive web design and has great communication skills. He came to Headjam from Hunter Water Australia, where he was Communications Manager and was tasked to oversee the execution of highly complex projects for over two years.

Takin' it easy.

He graduated from Communication with Honours in 2008 at the University of Newcastle, and in a day he can write an article for our blog and release an app. Last year, for example, he designed and produced the Edugo Asia Speak Native English iOS app, which teaches English to business people based throughout Asia, and his skillset includes e-Commerce development, PHP, HTML5 and CSS3.

Ben's communication skills mean he is great at answering technical questions for our clients in a way that’s easy to follow. He has a great sense of humour and often jumps in with a cheesy quip to keep things light in studio.

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