The Headjam team bring a range of creative disciplines to every project.

Headjam (noun, informal): the coming together of ideas, a collective input, the brainstorm.

Luke Kellett | Headjam

Luke Kellett

Principal - Managing Director

Luke’s diverse skillset, full on energy and passion for collaboration sets the standard high for Headjam’s ...

Sarah Cook | Headjam

Sarah Cook

Principal - Senior Designer

Sarah is a graphic designer and problem solver who is driven to uncover the best creative solution to the c...

Mike Preston | Headjam

Mike Preston

Principal - Executive Creative Director

Mike has over three decades of experience directing successful creative for international agencies and bran...

Leanne Hogan | Headjam

Leanne Hogan

Account Director

Leanne brings more than 10 years Account Management experience to the Headjam team working for both global ...

Lisbeth Peña | Headjam

Lisbeth Peña

Account Manager

Lisbeth is as cool as a cucumber and multitasks with effortless ease. Her enviable experience is an asset t...

Elena Terol | Headjam

Elena Terol

Account Manager

Elena brings years of experience managing projects across sectors in different countries, expert knowledge ...

Sara Spence | Headjam

Sara Spence

Art Director

Sara has a love of design, ideas, materials, aesthetics, concrete, scarves, copper… and the names of groups...

Jay Young | Headjam

Jay Young

Senior Designer

Jay is passionate about design and has won many awards for his talents. He's also passionate about music, a...

Jace Prasil | Headjam

Jace Prasil

Designer & Illustrator

His talent for drawing was clear from an early age, as too many cartoons on TV quickly became endless drawi...

Ben Norman | Headjam

Ben Norman

Senior Digital Developer

Ben is not your average developer. He's a talented writer and digital project designer, and a very funny bu...

Andy Gallagher | Headjam

Andy Gallagher

Senior Cinematographer + Director

Andy has over eight years' experience and is known throughout the industry for his talents. He never rests ...

Helen Simmons | Headjam

Helen Simmons

Senior Broadcast Designer

Helen effortlessly brings your brand to life with motion graphics; specialising in editing, 2D and 3D anima...

The Headjam Studio | Headjam

The Headjam Studio

Headjam is a creative agency based in Newcastle, NSW, Australia that is notable for its contributions to re...

Meet Headjam's key collaborators!

We also recognise that every project is unique with unique requirements, so we also have preferred collaborators who can join the team as required.

Alex Mcintyre


Alex is an incredibly talented photographer now located in our hometown of Newcastle. A keen eye for architecture and portraiture alike make him a great all round shooter.

Doug Helman

Service Designer

Doug is an experienced service designer and we bring him on board when looking to shift customer experiences for the better. Based in Germany Doug fly's in to work on our important CX projects.

Dr. Benjamin Matthews

Account Planner

Benjamin is an expert planner and researcher, and an experienced copywriter: few topics are beyond his reach. Ben heads our research projects.

Jaime Pritchard

Senior Designer

Jaime has over a decade of experience in a diverse range of design contexts from the arts through to large-scale commerce projects.

James Geer


James is a long time collaborator and Mentor of Headjam's Luke Kellett. He is a photographer located in Melbourne and is best known for his incredible interiors and lifestyle portraiture.

Josh Bruce

Broadcast Designer

Josh worked full time at Headjam for over 5 years before going freelance. Josh is our go to heavy hitter for complex 3D work whenever we need it!

Keo Match


Keo worked in the Headjam team from 2012 - 2015. Now located in Melbourne he continues to be one of our go to freelance Illustrators.

Meg Purser

Public Relations

Purser PR are Headjam's PR agency of choice. We have collaborated over a number of years as well as being trusted with managing all our our agencies PR.