Marie-Elle is a Puerto Rican native who is grateful to have found a new home in Muloobinba (Newcastle). With a hyper-focused approach to her work, she considers herself a transdisciplinary (organised) creative.

Her love for humanity and storytelling makes her Account Coordinator position at Headjam highly exciting to navigate. She is passionate about making sure her clients' stories and values are conveyed in the best way possible. She will not stop until a solution feels elegant and efficient and if you lived in her head you’d realise she doesn’t stop asking questions.

She graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York, where she received a Bachelor in Fine Arts with focus on Film and Design. Since then, she has worked in marketing and advertising agencies in New York and Puerto Rico - managing clients in the film industry and major global brands. Her diverse professional experience also includes working in Public Health, Education and Hospitality.

I am passionate about humanity and storytelling. I am here to make sure my clients are heard and their values are conveyed in the best way possible.

When she isn’t at Headjam, her mind is still in it. She is always thinking about herself as the “account manager” for her own creative life.

She spends 100% of her free time perfecting her craft: acting for film or theatre or creating artwork. However, if it’s warm out, rest assured she will be seeking out the sunny Newcastle beaches.

She is always excited to collaborate or to try something new.

For her artwork and ever-evolving social media presence, follow her Instagram account: @marieellevivaldi

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