Allambi Care Youth Worker: 3581841 Awabakal: 3581829 BAMM: 3581826 CQU - Flex: 3581836 Eight Recruitment: 3581837 High Tea with Mrs Woo: 3581832 Just Been Laid: 3581823 Newcastle Flood Awareness: 3581835 PrefCard: 3581827 Samaritans - Oi App: 3581833 Spirit of Japan: 3581839 Susuru: 3555941 The Ghosts of Nothing: 3581838 TiNA 16/17: 3581828 ACON-Start Booklet: 3374655 Allambi Care: 3374656 AllambiCareFosterCampaign: 3425623 Boy and Bear 2015: 3425633 Central Coast Council - This is the Central Coast: 3426004 CQU YAWN: 3425709 Dr Bruno Gomes: 3374652 Firekites: 3425660 GradSchool - At Your Own Speed: 3425804 GradSchool - Create your own degree: 3425810 Habitat: 3374641 Highlite: 3374657 Hunter Tafe App: 3425808 NAG - Black, White and Restive: 3425799 Newcastle Museum Earthquake Exhibition 2014: 3244984 Parry Street Garage: 3375050 SHAC: 3375003 The Edwards Brand: 3425648 The Lock-up rebrand 2014: 3229732 TiNA 2015: 3425768 Wyong Shire Council - The Art House: 3425980 Peel HR Book: 3313006 Australian Motor Homes: 3312948 Balanced: 3312957 Wise U: 3313032 Barinia: 3312964 Fanny and Toms: 3192589 HUNTER hunter App: 3312974 Mindframe: 3312982 Nagisa: 3312991 Partners in Recovery: 3312997 Profilo: 3313009 Support a mate: 3313012 Taylor Active: 3313016 Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine (AITHM): 3312944 3192588 Kay & Hughes: 3192610 Newcastle Museum Shop: 3192616 Smart Happens Here: 3192629 SNOWS Artisan Bakers: 3192631 The Locale: 3192634 Peaberrys: 3192619 ISTEM Me Program: 3192606 ACON-Up Ya Bum: 3192577 Boy and Bear Press shots 2013: 3192583 GradSchool: 3192591 Gradschool - Now You Can: 3192592 Headjam Showreel: 3192594 Hiatus Kaiyote - 2013: 3192597 HNEPH-Making Proud Choices: 3192599 Hunter Hunter: 3192602 HVTC: 3192604 Newcastle Museum: 3192614 Peel HR: 3192620 RDA Hunter Animation: 3192623 Suters Architects: 3192632 This City Speaks To Me: 3192637 University of Newcastle - NIER: 3192639 Virginia Cuppaidge: 3192641 Wyong Council: 3192643 Bohemian Masquerade Ball: 3192581 Fantine: 3192590 Hiatus Kaiyote - 2011: 3192596 John Steel Singers: 3192608 Move More for Life: 3192612 Newcastle Museum - Toys Exhibition: 3192615 Scone Equine Hospital: 3192626 SMUT: 3192630 TiNA - 2011: 3192638 Boy and Bear Film Clip: 3192582 Choyez: 3192585 HNEPH-Youth Confidentiality: 3192600 Jordie Lane-Sleeping Patterns: 3192609 Mia Dyson: 3192611 Newcastle Writers Walk: 3192617 The Jitterbug Club: 3192633 The Waifs: 3192636 Yves Klein Blue: 3192644 ACON-Partying at Home: 3192575 ACON-Relieve Yourself: 3192576 Jeff Lang: 3192607 Woodford Folk Festival: 3192642
Allambi Care - Youth: Campaign

Allambi Care - Youth


After the successful collaboration of Allambi Care's Foster Care campaign, Headjam were again engaged to ru...

Awabakal: Branding, website and collateral


Branding, website and collateral 

Awabakal approached Headjam in 2016 to collaborate on rebranding their great organisation with the aim of r...

BAMM: Branding, website and print


Branding, website and print 

Headjam were excited to be engaged with Moree Plains Gallery, who had high hopes and aspirations for their ...

CQU - Flex App: Application

CQU - Flex App


Headjam are proud to collaborate with physical activity researchers, working together to by providing commu...

Eight Recruitment: Branding, website and collateral

Eight Recruitment

Branding, website and collateral 

Eight Recruitment is headed-up by Nadene Barretto who is massively fun, charismatic and professional. She e...

High Tea with Mrs Woo: Branding, website and collateral

High Tea with Mrs Woo

Branding, website and collateral 

Some brands are already brilliant and just need a little refining in order to continue their growth. High T...

Just Been Laid: Branding, Website and Print

Just Been Laid

Branding, Website and Print 

Sarah Sivyer approached Headjam in 2017 to collaborate with her on her new business, which she cheekily sug...

Newcastle Flood Awareness: Campaign

Newcastle Flood Awareness


Have you prepared for a flood before it happens? Newcastle City Council teamed up with Headjam to design a ...

PrefCard: Branding, application and print


Branding, application and print 

Hugh Bonney was a nurse with an app idea who walked into Headjam off the street to chat about it. From init...

Samaritans - Oi App: Branding and application

Samaritans - Oi App

Branding and application 

Headjam are proud to have collaborated with the Samaritans to develop an app that aims to give youths a voi...

Sprit of Japan: Photography

Sprit of Japan


Headjam's long-time friend Taiyo Namba, owner of Newcastle's best Japanese eateries Nagisa and Susuru, is b...

Susuru: Brand + Website


Brand + Website 

Susuru means slurp, and in Japan it's polite to slurp your ramen. Susuru is a little piece of Tokyo in Newie.

The Ghosts of Nothing: Catalogue

The Ghosts of Nothing


Headjam were engaged by artist curators Sean Lowry and Ilmar Taimre to develop an exhibition identity and c...

TiNA 2016/17: Brand, Website, App + Campaign

TiNA 2016/17

Brand, Website, App + Campaign 

Following the success of the 2015 rebrand, Headjam were once again asked to collaborate with TiNA on the pr...

ACON: Start Booklet


Start Booklet  

ACON (Aids Council of NSW) are a long term client of Headjam’s, having collaborated on many milestone healt...

Allambi Care: Brand, website, collateral & signage

Allambi Care

Brand, website, collateral & signage 

Allambi Care provide services within Foster Care, Respite, Community Support and Disability Services that a...

Allambi Care: Foster Care Campaign

Allambi Care

Foster Care Campaign 

Allambi Care is a not for profit organisation providing Residential Care and Disability Support Services ac...

Boy and Bear: Album Artwork and Press Shots 2015

Boy and Bear

Album Artwork and Press Shots 2015 

Headjam have been collaborating with Boy & Bear and their record label, Wonderlick entertainment since 2010...

Central Coast Council: This is the Central Coast

Central Coast Council

This is the Central Coast 

The Central Coast is alive with potential! Full of opportunity for individuals and businesses alike, Headja...

CQ University: YAWN App & Microsite

CQ University

YAWN App & Microsite 

Researcher Jessica Paterson at Central Queensland University is conducting a research project to study the ...

Dr Bruno Gomes: Branding + Web Design

Dr Bruno Gomes

Branding + Web Design  

The proposition developed for the Dr Bruno Gomes’ Brand was ‘contemporary care’. Everything that was develo...

Firekites: Video Clip + Launch Event


Video Clip + Launch Event 

Firekites are a local Newcastle band and old friends of Headjam's, who have achieved international status. ...

GradSchool: At Your Own Speed


At Your Own Speed 

Being a world-class institution with internationally recognised degrees, GradSchool boasts the expertise to...

GradSchool: Create Your Own Degree


Create Your Own Degree 

GradSchool developed a new program called the Master of Studies, which endeavours to target the often broad...

Habitat Living: Brand, Website, Stationery

Habitat Living

Brand, Website, Stationery 

Headjam have collaborated with Cassandra and Emma since 2012. In 2015, Cassandra and Emma asked Headjam to ...

Highlite: Brand, Website, Collateral & Signage


Brand, Website, Collateral & Signage 

Headjam was engaged to develop a brand solution and website that would position Highlite as the leader in t...

Hunter TAFE: Application

Hunter TAFE


Hunter TAFE wanted to improve their students' experience after they enrolled to study. Headjam collaborate...

Newcastle Art Gallery: Black, White & Restive

Newcastle Art Gallery

Black, White & Restive 

Headjam were honoured to work with the prestigious Newcastle Art Gallery to create the exhibition identity ...

Newcastle Museum: Earthquake Exhibition

Newcastle Museum

Earthquake Exhibition 

On 28 December 1989 at 10:27am, an earthquake measuring 5.5 on the richter scale shook Newcastle and result...

Parry Street Garage: Branding, Website and Print

Parry Street Garage

Branding, Website and Print 

Following the success of Newcastle's iconic Merewether Surfhouse, the next project in the pipeline for the ...

SHAC: Brand, Website, Collateral + Signage


Brand, Website, Collateral + Signage  

In 2015, SHAC engaged Headjam to collaborate with them on their rebrand, transitioning from their original ...

The Edwards: Brand, Collateral, Signage & Launch Event

The Edwards

Brand, Collateral, Signage & Launch Event 

The Edwards initially engaged Headjam to collaborate in 2014 to design and develop their website, which was...

The Lock-up: Re-brand 2014

The Lock-up

Re-brand 2014 

The Lock-up is a Newcastle based multidisciplinary contemporary arts space and inner city hub for creative ...

TiNA 2015: Brand, Website, App + Campaign

TiNA 2015

Brand, Website, App + Campaign 

Recognised as a leading contemporary Arts Festival in Australia, Newcastle's TiNA took on a whole new look ...

Wyong Shire Council: The Art House

Wyong Shire Council

The Art House 

Wyong Shire Council engaged Headjam to create the new Brand identity for The Art House - the outstanding ne...

Peel HR Book: Book Design and production

Peel HR Book

Book Design and production 

In 2014 Danielle contacted Headjam to develop a printed book that arm leaders within organisations with too...

Australian Motor Homes: E-commerce Website Design + Development

Australian Motor Homes

E-commerce Website Design + Development 

Australian Motor Homes (AMH) was established in 1997 and are one of Australia’s largest retailers for new m...

Balanced: App design + App development


App design + App development 

After a series of successful collaborations, The University of Newcastle’s Physical Activity Researcher, Dr...

Wise U: Illustration + Animation

Wise U

Illustration + Animation 

Wise U is an initiative by The University of Newcastle's Dean of Students office to help postively change t...

Barinia: Branding + Animated Film Titles


Branding + Animated Film Titles 

Headjam were engaged by Storyhaus to collaborate on the television series Barinia.

Fanny and Tom's: Branding + Focus Group

Fanny and Tom's

Branding + Focus Group 

Headjam developed a sexual health promotional campaign in collaboration with Hunter New England Population ...

HUNTERhunter App: App design + Development

HUNTERhunter App

App design + Development 

In 2013 Headjam collaborated alongside Fiona Gray and Alissa McCulloch to design and build what is now the ...

Mindframe Media: App Design + Development

Mindframe Media

App Design + Development 

Mindframe is a critical national resource for journalists looking for up to date information about reportin...

Nagisa: Website design + Development


Website design + Development 

Nagisa was established in 2004 and is Newcastle's best modern Japanese restaurant. It boasts a stunning vis...

Partners in Recovery: Health promotional Campaign

Partners in Recovery

Health promotional Campaign 

Partners In Recovery is an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. PIR off...

Profilo: Branding + Website design + Development


Branding + Website design + Development 

Headjam have collaborated with Profilo to re-Brand the organisation, re-develop the website and help re-com...

Support a Mate: Branding + Campaign Development

Support a Mate

Branding + Campaign Development 

‘Support A Mate’ is about helping farmers, their families and rural communities through tough times such as...

Taylor Active: Branding + Video Production

Taylor Active

Branding + Video Production 

The Taylor Active project is an initiative of the Centre for Physical Activity Studies (CPAS) Research Cent...

AITHM: Branding + Collaterol


Branding + Collaterol 

The Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine (AITHM) was founded in 2013, providing a nationall... App Design + Development

App Design + Development 

Based on many years of research and experience Edugo Asia has developed a program that teaches the correct ...

Kay & Hughes: Brand + Website

Kay & Hughes

Brand + Website 

In 2013 Headjam were contacted by some real visionaries, Kate Hughes and Ben Kay. with a concept to revolut...

Newcastle Museum: Shop

Newcastle Museum


In 2012 Headjam were engaged by the Newcastle Museum team to help them create a vibrant and flexible shop t...

RDA Hunter: Smart Happens Here

RDA Hunter

Smart Happens Here 

The Hunter Region is located on the East coast of Australia, less than 90 minutes by air from Brisbane and ...

SNOWS Artisan Bakers: Branding, Packaging + Website design

SNOWS Artisan Bakers

Branding, Packaging + Website design 

Snows is an artisan bakery located in Newcastle, NSW, that makes delicious and uniquely hand-crafted cakes,...

The Locale: Brand, Website, Environmental Design + Photography

The Locale

Brand, Website, Environmental Design + Photography 

Jason Cox is heading up this eclectic little cafe in Lambton, Newcastle. The interior is industrial chic wi...

Peaberrys: Brand + Packaging


Brand + Packaging 

Peaberry’s is one of Newcastle’s oldest and finest coffee roasters, and in late 2013 they chose Headjam as ...

RDA Hunter: 3D VFX, Compositing + Animation

RDA Hunter

3D VFX, Compositing + Animation 

Developing an advert to encourage school students to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics...

ACON: "Up Ya Bum" Campaign


"Up Ya Bum" Campaign 

The AIDS Council of NSW (ACON) advocate for sexual health awareness in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans...

Boy & Bear: Press Shots 2013

Boy & Bear

Press Shots 2013 

Boy and Bear are a five time ARIA Award winning Australian rock band based in Sydney. They describe their m...

GradSchool: Branding



GradSchool is dedicated to postgraduate education and has been offering quality degrees in a flexible learn...

GradSchool: "Now You Can" Campaign


"Now You Can" Campaign 

GradSchool are dedicated to postgraduate education at the University of Newcastle (UON). They give you the ...

Headjam: Showreel



Hooray! Headjam turns 10 in 2012. We wanted to share our journey by showcasing a decade of brand developmen...

Hiatus Kaiyote: Press Shots + Live Music Video

Hiatus Kaiyote

Press Shots + Live Music Video 

Hiatus Kaiyote are an incredible Australian band from Melbourne. In 2013 they were nominated for the presti...

HNEPH: "Making Proud Choices" Campaign


"Making Proud Choices" Campaign 

Selling a sexual health survey to teens did not present as the easiest of challenges! When HNEPH came to He...

HUNTERhunter: Brand + Website


Brand + Website 

Fiona and Alissa are two passionate Novocastrians with a background in marketing and communication, they wa...

HVTC: Brand, Website, Intranet + Extranet


Brand, Website, Intranet + Extranet 

Hunter Valley Training Company (HVTC) is Australia's oldest and largest group training organisation and has...

Newcastle Museum: Brand + Campaign

Newcastle Museum

Brand + Campaign 

The Newcastle Museum tells the story of Newcastle and the Hunter; it is a place for people, for social and ...

Peel HR: Brand, Website + Campaign (Expo)

Peel HR

Brand, Website + Campaign (Expo) 

Headjam was engaged as PEEL HR's Creative Agency by founder Danielle Carney to refresh the PEEL HR Brand id...

RDA Hunter: Animation

RDA Hunter


Regional Development Australia (RDA) is a national network who work with all levels of government, busines...

Suters Architects: Animation + Publications

Suters Architects

Animation + Publications 

Suters Architects are a Newcastle success story with national recognition and offices around Australia. Sut...

This City Speaks To Me: Book Design + Photography

This City Speaks To Me

Book Design + Photography 

This City Speaks To Me is a documentation of Australian bohemia through the lens of Headjam's Luke Kellett....

University of Newcastle: NIER Booklet Design

University of Newcastle

NIER Booklet Design 

The Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER) is leading research into sustainable energy product...

Virginia Cuppaidge: Brand + Website

Virginia Cuppaidge

Brand + Website 

Virginia Cuppaidge is an Australian artist who has lived in New York for over 30 years. She was born in Bri...

Wyong Council: Anti-Dumping Campaign

Wyong Council

Anti-Dumping Campaign 

Wyong Shire covers 827 square kilometres of the Central coast and has a population of around 143,000 people...

Boho Ball: Social Media Marketing

Boho Ball

Social Media Marketing 

Originating in Melbourne, The Bohemian Masquerade Ball is a bi-annual boutique festival recognised as the g...

Fantine: Music Photography


Music Photography 

FANTINE is a Sydney based electro soul singer/songwriter sensation. Described as a fusion of indie and elec...

Hiatus Kaiyote: 2011

Hiatus Kaiyote


Melbourne band Hiatus Kaiyote fuse neo-soul, hip-hop, future beats and flavours of Latin, dubstep and opera...

John Steel Singers: Music Photography

John Steel Singers

Music Photography 

The John Steel Singers are a six-piece band from Brisbane, QLD, so-named for band member Tim Morrissey's ep...

Move More for Life: Health Promotion Campaign

Move More for Life

Health Promotion Campaign 

PhD candidate Camille Short's Move More for Life program required comprehensive brand development and a cus...

Newcastle Museum: Toys Exhibition

Newcastle Museum

Toys Exhibition 

Toys - Science At Play' is an exhibition that was created by Science Works in Melbourne, and Scitech in Per...

Scone Equine Hospital: Branding

Scone Equine Hospital


Scone Equine Hospital (SEH) is the largest equine veterinary practice in Australia, delivering the highest ...

SMUT: Branding



SMUT is an artistic collaboration between three male poets and three female artists expressing their unique...

TiNA 2011: This is Not Art Festival Photography

TiNA 2011

This is Not Art Festival Photography 

This Is Not Art (TiNA) is a national festival of new media and arts held annually in Newcastle over the Oct...

Boy & Bear: Film Clip

Boy & Bear

Film Clip 

Headjam was engaged to produce the film clip for the Boy & Bear song Milk and Sticks from the album Moonfir...

Choyez: Branding



Choyez is a French word meaning 'to pamper and to cherish'. Choyez is an award-winning day spa, focused on ...

HNEPH: Youth Confidentiality


Youth Confidentiality 

In Australia, laws protect a patient's rights to have information they share with doctors and healthcare pr...

Jordie Lane: Sleeping Patterns

Jordie Lane

Sleeping Patterns 

Jordie Lane is a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter, widely regarded as the leading light of Australia'...

Mia Dyson: Music Photography

Mia Dyson

Music Photography 

Mia Dyson is an Australian singer, songwriter and guitarist.

Newcastle Writers' Walk: Brochure Design

Newcastle Writers' Walk

Brochure Design 

The Hunter Writer's Centre engaged Headjam to produce a walking guide showcasing well-known authors' houses...

The Jitterbug Club: Branding

The Jitterbug Club


The Jitterbug Club is a night of music and performance with the look and feel of Harlem 1933. The visual id...

The Waifs: Music Photography

The Waifs

Music Photography 

The Waifs are an Australian folk rock band formed in 1992 by Josh Cunningham (guitar, vocals) and sisters V...

Yves Klein Blue: Music Photography

Yves Klein Blue

Music Photography 

Yves Klein Blue are an Australian indie/rock band from Brisbane. The band are signed to Brisbane record lab...

ACON: Partying at Home


Partying at Home 

The AIDS Council of NSW (ACON) communicate with the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gender (GLBT) communit...

ACON: Relieve Yourself


Relieve Yourself 

The AIDS Council of NSW (ACON) communicates with the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gender (GLBT) communi...

Jeff Lang: Music Photography

Jeff Lang

Music Photography 

Jeff Lang is an Australian songwriter, singer and slide guitarist, a leading performer in the Australian ro...

Woodford Folk Festival: Video Production

Woodford Folk Festival

Video Production 

The Woodford Folk Festival, an event of international standing, is held annually over six days and six nigh...

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