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GGWP (Good Game Well Played) is an e-learning platform that helps gamers learn how to create content, build their personal brand, and optimise their efforts to turn their gaming passion into a successful career. The start-up was founded by Jacqui Garret, an Australian entrepreneur who, inspired by her son who became Australia's youngest esports athlete, saw the potential to create opportunities for gamers to turn their passion into a career. With GGWP, gamers can gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the gaming industry and confidently pursue their dreams.

GGWP engaged Headjam to help market their product and services through high-quality e-learning content and engaging brand that empowers gamers to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the gaming industry.

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In 2019, the global esports economy was forecasted to generate revenues of $1.1 billion by 2023, a year-on-year growth of +15.7%, with the majority of the revenue coming from media rights and brand sponsorship. Based on the 2021 Global Esports & Live Streaming Market Report by Newzoo, the gaming and esports industry experienced a significant increase in its audience, with over 38 million new viewers joining in 2020.

Despite the incredible esports economy growth, achieving success in the gaming industry as an influencer or content creator often relied on chance, early market entry, or fortunate partnerships. Recognising the need for more structured opportunities and clear career pathways, Jacqui Garret founded GGWP to provide professional training and development for aspiring gamers.

To establish GGWP as the leading online learning platform for gaming, the company partnered with Headjam. This collaboration aimed to set a high standard and demonstrate the immense value of effective brand strategy, motion graphics, and broadcast design to the target audience. Through this partnership, GGWP aimed to inspire and empower gamers by showcasing the potential impact of a well-crafted brand identity and captivating visual communication in the gaming industry.


To position GGWP as the leading e-learning platform for gaming.

Target Audience

Gamers of all walks of life.

Consumer Proposition

Turn your gaming passion into a career.

Desired Consumer Response

“I use GGWP to level up my stream and its helped me make more money/generate more followers.”

Creative Solution

With the aim of captivating aspiring gamers looking to turn their passion into a career, we helped develop the rollout of GGWP’s brand with a logo, graphics and series of digital assets and over 75 pieces of video content, produced using gaming influencers as talent.

The GGWP video production balances digital and live-action elements with assorted gaming memorabilia and collectables that transport viewers to an immersive world.

We developed a series of broadcast motion graphics across Twitch, YouTube and other social channels; together, they shape the channels' look and feel. The work combines 3D animation using cinema 4D and 2D after-effects animations throughout their motion branding. Each e-learning module is made up of filming with a two-camera setup of the teacher discussing the topics. Blue and green screens are used to overlay video displays and graphics and general type motion graphics that appear to discuss key points and highlight information throughout.


Since its launch, GGWP Academy has been able to secure $2.1 million Australian dollars in funding, serving 15,500 users/ content creators and over 60 global brands as clients.

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