Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a method of content delivery Headjam use to target the interests of your audience. Everyone in this world is different and by marketing and communicating to people based on their interests you stand a better chance of ensuring they listen to what you have to say. A real world example is if you know someone loves Football but HATES Rugby it would be silly for you to spend an hour talking to them about Rugby.

Marketing Automation is a term Headjam use to describe a piece of software or method of delivering a campaign that is pre-programmed to deliver content and messages to users based on their interests and interactions.

An easy analogy to understand is if you visit a website and fill in a web form, on that web form you select that you are interested in football then that company from then on in will only send you newsletters or marketing material based on your love of football.

For a cake company it might mean that the pictures of their cakes they send you have football characters on them or for a t-shirt company that the t-shirts they send to you are football related.

Headjam use Marketing automation for a number of clients to generate sales results or social change in a persons behaviour. A great example of work that we have produced that was specifically measuring the effectiveness of Marketing Automation is the Taylor Active project that we produced with Central Queensland University.

Other examples of Marketing Automation can be found throughout Headjam’s portfolio and a complete run down of different methods can be read on our blog article here.

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Talking to people as though they are people and not customers is the best way to ensure you have life long relationships. Find out what they enjoy, what their passions are and why they use your product or service. If you can do this you are connecting not selling to your audience. Marketing Automation is one method of delivering relevant content in this way.