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The Taylor Active project is an initiative of the Centre for Physical Activity Studies (CPAS) Research Centre, based at the Central Queensland University, and led by visionary Corneel Vandelanotte. Read Hide the full case study


The project was to research computer video tailoring and analyse whether video tailored information is more likely to encourage someone to engage in physical activity or not.

So what is video tailoring? Video tailoring provides a viewer with video content that is specific to them for example; if you exercised for 4 hours this week the video could say ‘congratulations on exercising 4 hours this week’. In the future video tailoring will play a key role in all of our lives, watch this space.

Headjam were engaged to collaborate across an array of collateral including Branding the Taylor Active program, designing the responsive website, developing the video content itself and scoping tailored text based overlays.


To encourage participants to partake in the intervention program, to increase their level of physical activity and to measure the difference in effectiveness between the tailored written content and the tailored video content.

Creative Solution

Given the projects complexity we began by developing the Taylor Active Brand. It was developed to be strong, structured and visually clean, which is in-line with the tone that we were aimed to achieve with the project as a whole. The ‘play’ symbol represented ‘moving forward’, with ‘press play’ making connections to the programs objective. The colours enhanced the feeling of brightness and positivity and the use of several colours meant we were able to categorise the different modules of the program for clear definition.

Secondly, we developed the online environment where the intervention would be held. User Interface and User Experience design was used to ensure that the website would be intuitive for the participant. A suite of icons were specifically developed to work consistently with the Taylor Active project, this was an important feature for quick comprehension of where you were up to on your physical activity journey.

Finally Headjam collaborated with CQU to develop all the videos required for the project. Which is when it gets complicated. To produce tailored video content you have to develop a video for every possible answer a human may enter into the website for example; someone who exercised 3 hours a week will require a different video to a person that exercises 4 hours a week. All-in-all Headjam developed over 1500+ individual videos for the project. The Taylor actors needed to be recorded 1500+ times reading slightly different scripts each time – the bluper real for this project is something to be seen!

To top it off, the end of each video sequence features a ‘funny’ animatic video that we produced to lighten the mood and leave the viewer intrigued as to what would happen next. These included a Gorilla, T-Rex and a dancing lamp to name a few.

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