Case study

UNICEF’s ambition is to ensure every child in need is healthy, educated and safe.

They came to Headjam for assistance to create a UNICEF gaming identity and campaign. The aim was to inspire preference to support UNICEF’s relief efforts when gamers think about supporting a charity or emergency and to drive donations to their Ukraine appeal.

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Whilst there are many great children’s charities,UNICEF has a unique focus on world emergency appeals.

There was an interest in harnessing the gamers community to let this demographic know about UNICEF’s work while appealing to their power as a community to get involved in worthy causes.

UNICEF needed assistance in creating a UNICEF gaming identity and campaign lockup to create preference to support UNICEF’s relief efforts when gamers think about supporting a charity or emergency.


Increase UNICEF brand awareness amongst the gaming community.

Target Audience

Gamers around the world.

Consumer Proposition

Use your influence to do good.

Desired Consumer Response

“I want to support UNICEF.”

Creative Solution

The brand and campaign needed to convey the sense of urgency that an emergency like the war in Ukraine requires. Taking inspiration from grassroots social and political movements, we named the campaign Gamers 4 Action.

The campaign was aimed at gamers who have strong social justice values, want to feel part of positive change and would help position UNICEF as a charity of choice by gamers.

The name and typography were developed to generate a dynamic feeling of popular video games, which allowed the look and feel to be appropriate to gaming without feeling forced.

The Ukraine Gamers for Action appeal featured ‘on the ground’ UNICEF photography and video, with bold text urging gamers to take action to protect children and become a Gamer 4 Action.

To support UNICEF’s launch we also provided a toolkit for gamers encouraging them to run a fundraiser.

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Whether it’s Ukraine, Syria or a crisis in Australia, we want the gaming community to feel that they can take this platform, make it their own, and drive real impact.
Zunilka C. WhitnallUNICEF
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