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Case study

With the world’s narrative focused on STEM and artificial intelligence, the importance of courses from the Faculty of Education and Arts needed a war cry. They needed to be heard internally within the University and externally as part of a global solution.

Taking inspiration from propaganda posters we designed a series of posters to visually express a series of provocative statements designed to challenge the reader. Giving the humanities a voice and a relevance when seeking solutions to the world’s challenges.

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Newcastle University Faculty of Education and Arts (FEDUA) offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs that provide leading edge education to students from around the world. FEDUA is committed to delivering programs that prepare people for real working conditions. This includes preparing students for a world where artificial intelligence will replace careers and transform the workplace as we know it.

AI is a new scientific infrastructure for research and learning with a lot of potential to be exploited. Universities more than ever are in need to create workplaces that are flexible, agile and responsive to interactions with external sources of ideas, and are open to the mixing of careers that involve artificial and human interaction and cooperation. This is a challenging yet exciting time for all of us.

FEDUA seeks to communicate the narrative of 'Re-think yourself' in an attempt to identify the role of professionals in the near future workforce, where there will be more requirements for critical, strategic thinking beyond the already complex analytical capacity of a machine.

The faculty has three schools:

  • School of Creative Industries: Delivers quality programs in the areas of creative and performing arts, communication, digital media, natural history illustration, visual design and music.
  • School of Education: Aims to ensure the success of all learners; those who learn quickly, are extraordinary thinkers or show brilliance, through to those who have enormous potential but may have a formal learning need, or just learn differently.
  • School of Humanities and Social Science: Specialises in a wide variety of disciplines, including ancient and modern history, modern languages, English literature and creative writing, linguistics, media and cultural studies, studies in religion, sociology and anthropology. As well as professional disciplines such as human services, social work, and speech pathology.

FEDUA wants to re-affirm their internal position as a strong, leading faculty while also capturing the interest of the public and positioning in the market as a progressive, innovative faculty that will guarantee a place for its students in this ever-evolving workplace.

Headjam's role in this project is to develop a new engaging and effective creative brand campaign that reaffirms FEDUA position as a forward-thinking faculty. In doing this, we'll create a visual identity for the faculty.


Two main advertising objectives:

  1. Increase enrolment numbers for the faculty
  2. Strengthen the position of FEDUA as a forward-thinking, strong faculty of UON (in other words, elevate the perception of value they bring to the university).

Target Audience

External and internal stakeholders:

  • External: Potential students in local, national and international markets. Other education bodies and government.
  • Internal: Teachers, admin staff and university students who are part of UON.

Consumer Proposition

Rethinking the future.

Desired Consumer Response

"FEDUA is an awesome faculty, it offers the most relevant, up-to-date programs for my career".

"I love being part of FEDUA. We always learn interesting, up-to-date information and explore how our careers will evolve in the future".

Creative Solution

With the world’s narrative focused on STEM and artificial intelligence the importance of humanities subject areas needed a war cry. They needed to be heard internally within in the University and externally as part of a global solution.
We positioned the FEDUA subjects as a way of learning to think imaginatively, a life skill that is increasingly important as we continue to enter an unknown future, particular regarding job security in a world that is increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence. We directly challenged conventional ways of thinking, such as 'thinking out of the box', in a series of posters each with a provocative statement and a direction to ‘Don’t just think. Imagine’
For the visual look we took our inspiration from propaganda posters. While each poster was individually designed so the design would strongly express the sentiment of each statement a campaign look and feel was attained through the typographic and graphic treatment. The statements were also executed in video accompanied by a thought provoking narrative from key faculty staff members. Giving the humanities a voice and a relevance when seeking solutions to the worlds challenges.

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Our posters took inspiration from propaganda posters and a wide variety of sources resulting in a dynamic set of spirited and gritty designs.
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