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Each year the Civic Theatre works with a Creative agency to deliver a new and unique marketing campaign for the upcoming season. In 2020, after a difficult lockdown period for the arts throughout Australia, the Civic theatre team engaged Headjam to help promote the 2020/2021 seasonal program.

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Opened in 1929 as a picture house, the Civic Theatre is a grand venue and one of Newcastle's most popular venue.

Since 1976 the theatre has been mainly focusing on some incredible, world class live productions.

The theatre has a wide variety of shows and it’s divided into two seperate venues: the Civic Theatre and the more intimate Playhouse.

As COVID-19 affected live performances across Australia, The Civic went through a period of reduced shows and 2020/2021 season presented itself as an opportunity to return to some degree of normalcy.

For the 2020 / 2021 program, the aim was to highlight that:

  • A night at the theatre is about a live experience; something people hadn’t experienced for around a year due to lockdowns.
  • For the audience member this means anticipation, excitement and the intense involvement of a show.
  • But it’s more than just the show, it's the stimulation of the whole Civic Theatre experience that matters.
  • It’s an experience where audience members ‘Come Alive’.


Launch the yearly program and encourage sales of the season ticket for 2020/2021.

Target Audience

Theatre lovers of all ages living in the Newcastle and surrounding regional areas.

Consumer Proposition

Come alive with enjoyment.

Desired Consumer Response

"I’m excited to get back out and see a live performance for the first time in a while."

Creative Solution

To try and remind people of what it’s like to experience a live show, we took portrait photographs of a variety of people at the theatre itself.

The portraits at the theatre portray a variety of expressions to match the different feelings enticed by performances, from surprise to laughter. This provided several versions of the brochure cover, posters and social media assets.


Civic Theatre had a strong resurgence during the 2020/2021 season especially given the context of further lockdowns in Australia in late 2021. Overall reaching 92,260 attendees across all the season shows.

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