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The proposition developed for the Dr Bruno Gomes’ Brand was ‘contemporary care’. Everything that was developed was created to improve the experience a patient has at each stage of their journey with Bruno’s team. Read Hide the full case study


Dr Bruno Gomes isn’t your average orthopaedic surgeon. A family man with a passion for life and for the wellbeing of others, he has specialised in the field of orthopaedics since early 2000’s, after completing his medical degree from The University of Sydney in 1999.

Headjam were engaged to collaborate with Dr Bruno Gomes to help promote his services to the local population of Doctors and patients throughout Newcastle and the Hunter region. With the exciting new development of his consulting rooms in Charlestown, a major part of this project was to undertake a Branding exercise that developed a consistent brand experience across all touch points with his patients, be that online or in person during an appointment.


The main objective for this project was to ensure that Headjam developed an identity that set Dr Bruno Gomes apart, reflected his vision and passion for his industry and patients, and clearly communicated his specialties; Hip Surgery, Knee Surgery, Joint Replacement Surgery and Limb Reconstruction / Deformity Correction.

Target Audience

The target audiences for the project were General Practitioners within the region looking to refer their patients to a reputable orthopaedic surgeon in the Hunter, and Dr Bruno Gomes’ existing and future patients, ensuring they had an equally streamlined and enjoyable experience through all of their interactions with Bruno and his team.

Consumer Proposition

The proposition developed for the Dr Bruno Gomes’ Brand was ‘Contemporary Care’. Everything that was developed was created to improve the experience a patient has at each stage of their journey with Bruno’s team - as simple as using a clean and clear font so all communication is legible, and as complex as ensuring the waiting room was inviting and full of light.

Desired Consumer Response

‘The comfortable environment and attention to detail at each stage of the process makes me feel relaxed and in the safest of hands with Dr Bruno Gomes'.

Headjam’s goal for the rebrand was to make the patient’s journey as enjoyable as possible given the circumstance of their visits. Reducing anxiety through design and touch points were key to providing this experience.

Knowing the importance of recognising a potential referral from General Practitioners to Bruno and his team, it was essential to ensure that they knew about his services, specialties and passion, whilst being provided simple tools to assist in a GP’s day to day activities while keeping Bruno top of mind throughout the year.

Creative Solution

Headjam’s creative solution for this project was to design a contemporary and textural experience that emanated care and trust with a traditional influence.

Most of Dr Bruno Gomes’ patients required x-rays and these documents were key to discussing and diagnosing problems before going into surgery. Taking inspiration from a clever graphic device at the bottom of an x-ray which ‘locks’ the relevant patient information together in an easy to read way, we developed all print collateral with a similar lock-up, to clearly communicate key information such as; phone numbers, fax numbers, addresses and other relevant contact information. This is present across all of the stationery at the bottom of each design.

The website was a crucial design consideration, ensuring that the site was responsive and functional across all devices and browsers whilst being simple and user friendly, opting for a more traditional style of a right aligned menu navigation in the user experience and interface design stage. This was specifically chosen to ensure that no matter who utilised the site information was clearly accessible at each stage. This accessibility was key for some of Dr Bruno Gomes’ older patients.

Finally, Headjam had the privilege to work with long-term collaborator, Jason Elsley and his team from Derive Architecture & Design on the internal architectural layout and construction of the consulting rooms. Working together on this project was a great way to ensure the Brand identity translated into the physical space and that the experience a patient had online was consistent with their experience when they visited Bruno and his team for an appointment.

As part of our collaboration with the architectural team, Headjam designed external and internal signage to ensure people knew where the consulting rooms were when driving to and from their appointments, as well as how to access the buildings.


Due to the confidential nature of Dr Bruno's business, we are unable to give specific stats in regards to evaluating this project, however, since collaborating with Dr Bruno Gomes, he is pleased to report that there has been an increase in patient numbers both from GP referrals and online patient enquiries. Dr Bruno has received plenty of positive feedback from his patients and there is positive reportable growth within the business.

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