Case study

Headjam have collaborated with Profilo to re-Brand the organisation, re-develop the website and help re-communicate to their local and national client base. Read Hide the full case study


Profilo is a multi-disciplinary dental and surgical organisation. When approaching Headjam Profilo were in the excitable beginning stages of establishing a ‘one-stop-shop’ for dental and related surgical services which included general dental, orthodontic and oral and maxillofacial surgery. Profilo engaged Headjam to enhance their overarching brand through the articulation of a vision and positioning statement, building of a responsive website, design of stationery and provision of a marketing and media buying strategy.


To attract new clients to Profilo by streamlining their branding and clearly emphasising who they are and what they do in order to convey their affordable and quality service to Newcastle and its surrounding regions.

Creative Solution

Headjam collaborated with Profilo to define a unique positioning of ‘Total Dental Care’. It’s accessible to the consumer and easily understood, suggestive of all the service offering for oral and dental health offered by Profilo. The word ‘care’ is used as a mission statement; a commitment to promoting health and wellbeing. We developed a campaign concept that reinforces the Profilo proposition; Total Dental Care, and used photography that is honest and real. Full colour backgrounds were used to continue the palette found within the Brand, and ‘real people’ (not models) were used to promote the services. Rather than the usual fake smiles seen in dental advertising, our ‘real people’ put their hands over their mouth, which emphasised dentistry and the campaign concept.

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