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Following the success of Newcastle's iconic Merewether Surfhouse, the next project in the pipeline for the owners was their new bar/restaurant venture Parry Street Garage. Headjam were engaged to create a complete brand solution for the new business. Read Hide the full case study


For their next venture, partners in the highly regarded Merewether Surfhouse (overlooking one of the best beaches in Newcastle NSW) had purchased an old car mechanic’s work shop in Parry Street in the up and coming area of Newcastle West.

The vision was to retain the shell of the car mechanic’s workshop and retain its original name, ‘Parry Street Garage’. It would be transformed into a contemporary restaurant and bar, offering wood fired pizzas, pasta and a menu of affordable dining options and take-away.

Headjam was asked to create a complete Brand solution for Parry Street Garage including the Brand logo, signage, uniforms, menus and promotional materials.


Our objectives for this exciting new business were to create a strong brand and to pitch Parry Street Garage as a hub to relax and meet friends. It was an integral part of our role to aid the Parry Street Garage team to develop a vibrant and passionate work culture and to establish a foundation of followers that could be targeted to promote upcoming events.

Target Audience

Whilst the target audience is the wider population of Newcastle, the customers of Parry Street Garage are looking for a great night and great Italian food in a relaxed environment.

Consumer Proposition

A casual, relaxed place to meet family and friends. Being able to share great food and drink, whilst being looked after by knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Desired Consumer Response

'Parry Street Garage is a great place for a meal. I feel relaxed and the food and drinks are good quality and reasonably priced. I trust the staff and their recommendations'.

Creative Solution

The creative direction stemmed from the history of the building in which the restaurant was to exist. It was once a car mechanic’s garage and was to retain the name ‘Parry Street Garage’.

In Headjam’s exploration of a Brand solution, the graphic language from the 1960–70’s period of the building was researched, as well as themes that hark back to the owner’s Italian heritage. The historic graphic styles, typography and colour of Italian automotive racing was also a large influence.

The secondary design element created the numbers ‘106’, which is used as a graphic element for new customers to locate the restaurant and across other applications. The design of this was influenced by the numbers displayed on racing cars

of the period.

Headjam worked closely with architect Jason Elsley of Derive Architecture & Design, to ensure the Brand solution created for Parry Street Garage reflected the vision for the restaurant and bar, as well as complementing the origin of the building.

The key design solution for the Parry Street Garage Brand needed to be impactful, unpretentious and practical. Careful attention has been given to each item that was designed. For instance, the menu is folded and easy to use, the bands of the logo on the wine glasses have not only been used aesthetically, but also practically with each band acting as a measurement for bar staff when pouring a drink generating a consistent offering and saving wastage.


To open a restaurant in any city and immediately make it a daily success is challenging, but this is exactly what has happened with Parry Street Garage through the hard work on their internal team, Headjam and Derive Architecture & Design. To continue this success almost a year after opening is very rare indeed, but 12 months on, the restaurant continues to be the place to go. Most nights of the week the restaurant is full of people enjoying the incredible food, wine and craft beer available. The atmosphere is filled with music, energy and good times. If you haven’t been, don’t take our word for it and make sure you head down with your family or friends.

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