Case study

Nagisa was established in 2004 and is Newcastle's best modern Japanese restaurant. It boasts a stunning vision of Japanese culture, with the restaurant featuring one of only a few teppanyaki bars in the region allowing patrons to watch the cuisine being cooked to perfection in front of them.

Headjam collaborated with Nagisa to create their website and capture eye-catching photography that communicates Nagisa narrative from their history, their future vision to the cuisine experience they provide.

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Nagisa is owned and operated by General manager Taiyo Namba and his Dad Tetsuhiko Namba. In 2014 Taiyo engaged Headjam as Nagisa's Creative Agency to execute the re-development of their website.


To promote Nagisa in an online environment through earned SEO methods and to convert those visiting the site to book a table and communicate just how amazing Nagisa is.

Creative Solution

Building on Nagisa’s already strong Brand identity, Headjam set about developing a responsive site, that enables each page to adapt to the device on which it is viewed, whilst maintaining the integrity of the design. The site was designed to be easily navigated with simple and clear menu options this provided the user with the best possible experience. The design is strong, bold and uses a traditionally strong colour palette of red, black and white. We all know we eat with our eyes, so Nagisa’s award-winning cuisine is displayed with large dynamic images in order to stimulate the taste buds and captivate the viewer. To produce the photos we were lucky enough to collaborate with long time Headjam friend .James Geer.

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