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A CG and live shot video that promotes iSTEM; a program that assists high school students to pursue a career in advanced manufacturing by guiding them toward Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We set out to inspire prospective students via a narrative that invites viewers to imagine a future in which they have been the creators of high-tech innovation, engaging them with the core concept and call to action: “help change the future”. Here, a Minority Report style interface controls the construction and point-of-view journey of a spheroid robot toward a glowing, futuristic megacity that hovers in the distance. iSTEM is an initiative administered by Regional Development Australia Hunter, and we worked with their team to build a high-tech CGI aesthetic, rich sound bed and voice over that would appeal to the target audience of year eight students. Our animators designed a sophisticated hologramatic interface for our central protagonist, a young man who we filmed and inserted during post to portray him building a spherical robot. We dismantled the robot to create 3D pieces that could be employed in the narrative, and then generated a factory environment, cityscape and glowing evening sky through which the robot flies.


RDA Hunter


3D VFX, Compositing + Animation

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