Case study

In 2013 Headjam were contacted by some real visionaries, Kate Hughes and Ben Kay. with a concept to revolutionise the relationship that the Art's and Entertainment industries had with law firms throughout Australia. Their mission was to create transparent communication, strong relationships and provide upfront fee's that demystified their practice and aided in protecting their clients art and entertainment businesses. Read Hide the full case study


Kay & Hughes appointed Headjam as their Creative Agency to develop a fresh and vibrant Brand direction that aligned them with their vision and appealed to their eclectic and culturally diverse clientele. We took their new Brand and developed a responsive website that showcased their expertise and services online in a fresh and engaging way allowing their clients to access their contact information on the go from their iPad's, iPhone's or android devices.

Within their first year they had been profiled in some of Australia's most renowned industry magazines and newspapers for making this vision a reality and continue to be the leading experts in their field providing, art and entertainment industries as well as Creative Agencies such as ours with sound legal advise that enables us to do what we do best.

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