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Originating in Melbourne, The Bohemian Masquerade Ball is a bi-annual boutique festival recognised as the grand carnival of underground culture. Running since 2007, it is a debauched boiling-pot of independent music, extreme circus, neo-vaudeville and art installations.

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Headjam was engaged as the Creative Agency to conceptualise the look, feel and design of the Bohemian Masquerade Ball in a way that was made the festival accessible to a broader audience whilst maintaining the integrity of the festival's underground origins. Headjam also collaborated with Being Films to head the media team, which promoted the 2010 national tour through strategic placement of video and documentary photography on social media.

Webisodes (online broadcasted videos) of every show along the tour were filmed, edited and distributed via Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo within 24-hours of the event to engage potential audience members that lived in the locations of upcoming shows. This was complemented by intimate documentary photography, giving fans the opportunity to comment, share and distribute images, tag themselves or friends, and subsequently promote the next shows to their personal social networks. Within the first three weeks of implementing the strategy and advertising campaign, the Bohemian Masquerade Ball's Facebook audience had increased by 1500 (this was without the use of Facebook advertising, which at the time didn't exist) and proved to be an effective and immediate source of marketing, building hype, excitement and contributing significantly to the sold out shows in all major east coast cities.


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