Case study

After the successful collaboration of Allambi Care's Foster Care campaign, Headjam were again engaged to run another successful campaign, this time for their You Services.

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Allambi Care’s Youth Services operate quite differently to Foster Care. Youth Services look to attract Youth Workers who work directly for Allambi Care and work out of Youth Care homes owned and operated by Allambi around the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area.

Generally, Allambi Care will try to maintain consistency for the youth and the carer to establish a good trusting relationship, however Youth Workers will be required to move around when the need arises, which means they can work with a variety of youths with varying degrees of intensity.


For this project we had two objectives. The first objective was to reduce the number of enquiries whilst simultaneously increase the quality candidates who are looking to commit and make a difference to someone’s life.

The second objective was to highlight career prospects of Youth Services and outline why Allambi Care is the best employer against the competition.

Target Audience

Individuals that are looking for a career. Not just a job.

Consumer Proposition

A career, not a job.

Desired Consumer Response

‘I understand the importance and weight of this role. I consider this role as a career move’.

Creative Solution

We wanted to ensure that people who applied for any role with Allambi understood that it was a difficult role and the reality of day to day life is that it will be challenging. Doing this, whilst simultaneously ensuring that we outlined the rewarding aspect of the role was a fine tightrope.

The creative was broken up into three parts; photography, video and design. The photography component used different age ranges of individuals that were clearly going through some trauma or stress. They were juxtaposed with copy that outlined how you the viewer can help them by working at Allambi. The video did the same thing but in a more dynamic and engaging way as the talent screamed at the camera before coming full circle to have a laugh and a joke with their carer. This was to outline the range of emotions that the individual may experience in any one day when working at Allambi.


The success of this campaign has been well documented internally at the organisation as we have successfully reduced the volume, but increased the quality of applicants. This streamlines the operations and ensures that the longevity of people in the role at the organisation is much longer than industry standards. This positively impacts the business operations and the internal culture.

Allambi is a hard place to work because of the daily realities and challenges that are brought up, but the rewards of helping people can’t be measured in pay or time. The people who treat the role as a career prospect, and Allambi as an organisation, will continue to support their team in the best way possible.

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