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The Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine (AITHM) was founded in 2013, providing a nationally significant hub of research centres based in the highly-acclaimed James Cook University in North Queensland.

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AITHM’s focus is on tackling infectious diseases spread within the tropical climate of Australia, and understanding how the tropical climate’s environmental considerations impact diseases as a whole. Headjam was engaged to develop the AITHM Brand identity in early 2014.


To ensure AITHM was recognised internationally as a leader in tropical health research, as well as making all stakeholders (research centres) feel part of a larger collaborative group working together to positively impact Australia’s health.

Creative Solution

One of the key challenges we had to work within when developing the AITHM Brand was ensuring that it worked within James Cook University’s newly developed Brand identity guidelines. We created an identity that presented AITHM as a progressive, credible institution, and as a leader to peers around the world. Our team headed up to Far North Queensland to visit the centre, meet thousands of mosquitos, crocs and aquatic life too. This led to us developing the icon for the Brand that we coined as ‘Micro, macro, molecular world’. AITHM continues to be recognised as a leader of innovation within tropical health around the world. We are proud to have been part of its beginnings.




Branding + Collaterol

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