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The AIDS Council of NSW (ACON) advocate for sexual health awareness in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gender (GLBT) community. Charged with the task of promoting condom use to gay and bisexual men, Headjam produced an extroverted, daring and bold campaign using bright, fun, cheeky visuals. For sexually active gay and bisexual men, condoms, used with a water-based lubricant, provide the most effective barrier to HIV and reduce the chances of picking up or passing on other sexually transmitted infection (STI).

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Headjam were engaged by ACON in 2009 as the creative agency tasked with the challenge of applying the graphic design and photographic direction for a deceptively simple tagline and strategic placement, we communicated a serious message in a way that reduced stigma and spoke directly to the target audience. The "Up Ya Bum" advertising campaign was so successful it was run over two years in Sydney and was syndicated to other Australian and South-East Asian markets.

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