Wise U

Illustration + Animation

Wise U is an initiative by The University of Newcastle's Dean of Students office to help postively change the behavior of students by demonstrating consequences of actions.

Headjam Wise U animation 001
Headjam Wise U animation 002
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Headjam Wise U animation 011


Headjam were approached by the University of Newcastle to develop an interactive audiovisual resource aimed at promoting increased awareness of ethical decision-making among 38,000+ students during their candidature. The positive messages were to be delivered via the university’s Blackboard Learning Management System with the intent of influencing change that students could take with them into life beyond study.


To develop a series of animations that walk students through different scenarios, ask them what they think is the best thing to do, then show them the results of their actions.

Creative Solution

When we were initially tasked with creating these animations we wanted to ensure that what we developed would be enjoyed by the student. That, as well as delivering crucial messages which would provide them with the tools to influence them and their friends’ behaviours in a positive way – all with enough humour to make them enjoyable. The combination of great script writing in collaboration with the University of Newcastle’s Dean of Students office, and Headjam’s illustration and animation aesthetic has made for some great outcomes.
In late 2014 Headjam and the university were recognised for our efforts in the National Design Awards, Desktop Magazines and Create Awards in the illustration category.

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