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The Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER) is leading research into sustainable energy production, a goal that benefits the community, the economy, and the industry. In 2013 NIER partnered with different industry bodies from around the country to apply for joint funding to create a national network of industry and research experts within the energy sector and collectively support and develop Australia as a leader within the growing global energy market. Read Hide the full case study


The University of Newcastle engaged Headjam as their creative agency to present NIER and its partners to the Australian government as the most suitable applicant for funding toward the development of an industry network that operates on a national scale.

Our approach was to design an edgy, electric and bold printed booklet that could be handed to key personnel and decision makers to help them understand why NIER and their partners were best suited for the funding. We took our knowledge of NIER as an organisation and translated their no-nonsense communication and modern thinking into a physical form.

Our concept was based on shape and contrast, on distinguishing light from dark. We adopted a minimal approach to layout so that text was legible at a glance employing large text breakouts to communicate key messages.

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