Case study

Partners In Recovery is an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. PIR offers coordinated support and flexible funding for people with severe, persistent mental illness and complex needs. Read Hide the full case study


In 2013 Headjam collaborated on the promotion of South Western Sydney's Partners in Recovery to create a series of promotional pieces That included posters, DL brochures, a website and a photographic campaign.

Then in 2014 Headjam collaborated with Eastern Sydney Partners in Recovery to develop a series of promotional pieces which included posters, DL brochures, a website and a photographic campaign.

Because of the success of the first two collaborations Headjam were asked to collaborate on the development of a promotional campaign for Inner West Sydney Partners in recovery (IWSPIR).


To develop an integrated campaign to promote the PIR services across web and print translated into 7 languages.

Creative Solution

Although we were brought in after the Brand identity had been established, we could see a concept that we knew could be brought to life and could give meaning to the jigsaw piece elements of the logo. We suggested photographing the fantastic support workers from IWSPIR with giant jigsaw pieces to represent the bringing together of all the pieces that their clients needed help with in their recovery journey.

We developed a responsive website that was simple and leveraged as many conversions as possible through the online enquiry form.

The DL brochure was designed knowing that we would need to design and lay it out in 7 different languages (including Arabic and Chinese) both of which are written right to left. This was a fun challenge for the Headjam design team.

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