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GradSchool are dedicated to postgraduate education at the University of Newcastle (UON). They give you the flexibility to design a program that suits your lifestyle. Their experience in postgraduate study permits them to deliver flexible learning through quality educators and academic practitioners, meaning they are a great option for postgraduate study both online and face-to-face. Read Hide the full case study


The objective for this campaign was to promote GradSchool's mixed-mode (online and face-to-face) postgraduate courses, delivered locally in Newcastle and through the Sydney CBD campus.

The solution was a photographic campaign that communicates the notion that you can make the choice to study with UON GradSchool if you are thinking about a career change or furthering your skills. To capture attention we used people who are 'out of the ordinary' in their current field. Three models - a clown, artist and ballerina - dared the audience to overcome assumptions about what they can and can't achieve. Headjam created a vision of hope, and the possibility for change at any stage of life.

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