Australian Motor Homes

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Australian Motor Homes (AMH) was established in 1997 and are one of Australia’s largest retailers for new motor homes, pre-loved ones, camper vans and 5th wheelers.

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Australian Motor Homes are well regarded in the industry for providing the best after sales service and support to their much-loved customers. Each and every member of their team loves the outdoors and the freedom of travel. Headjam were very lucky to be asked to collaborate with Australian Motor Homes in 2014 for the first time.

Australian Motor Homes aren’t the cheapest retailer in Australia, they are simply the best. They live and breathe the campers life and help all of their customers achieve their dreams every single day of every single year since they opened their doors.


To re-design and re-develop the AHM website bringing it up-to-date with the latest responsive development methods, as well as increasing the number of organic conversions and enquiries throughout the site.

Creative Solution

When running our brainstorm sessions with AMH, our perception of what we had to do changed. We were struck by the incredible passion of their entire team and although the task remained to execute a site that leveraged sales conversions, we realised that the real task was to tell the stories of the team, their travels and adventures.

This creative insight and understanding allowed everything we designed and developed to leverage this amazing unique selling point. With this in mind the website was beautifully designed and developed to provide buyers the opportunity to view not only the vehicles but the information on how the RV’s were used in real life by the team at AMH.

Processes Used in this Project

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