You can be anything you want to be

9 Mar 2018 by Candice Middleton

Frat Friday - 9th March 2018. Enjoy!

Todays Frat Friday began with the humble egg carton.

So plain, so unaffected, so yearning to be something different.

All it takes is the want… the will… some creativity, and a bit of nurturing along the way.

Much like us egg heads really.

The moral of the story is be creative, be you! Work hard, embrace your uniqueness and strive to be whatever it is you want to be. Set goals, network, be kind, be you.

The end.
Sarah Cook's Monster


Jace Prasil's Centipede


Helen Simmons' Turtle


Candice Middleton's Mermaid


James Nowland's Lizard thing?!?!


Ben Norman's egg carton wanting to be a human!


Luke Kellett's Monster