Video Production

TiNA 2016/17: Brand, Website, App + Campaign

TiNA 2016/17

Brand, Website, App + Campaign 

Following the success of the 2015 rebrand, Headjam were once again asked to collaborate with TiNA on the pr...

Allambi Care: Brand, website, collateral & signage

Allambi Care

Brand, website, collateral & signage 

Allambi Care provide services within Foster Care, Respite, Community Support and Disability Services that a...

Central Coast Council: This is the Central Coast

Central Coast Council

This is the Central Coast 

The Central Coast is alive with potential! Full of opportunity for individuals and businesses alike, Headja...

Firekites: Video Clip + Launch Event


Video Clip + Launch Event 

Firekites are a local Newcastle band and old friends of Headjam's, who have achieved international status. ...

GradSchool: Create Your Own Degree


Create Your Own Degree 

GradSchool developed a new program called the Master of Studies, which endeavours to target the often broad...

The Lock-up: Re-brand 2014

The Lock-up

Re-brand 2014 

The Lock-up is a Newcastle based multidisciplinary contemporary arts space and inner city hub for creative ...

TiNA 2015: Brand, Website, App + Campaign

TiNA 2015

Brand, Website, App + Campaign 

Recognised as a leading contemporary Arts Festival in Australia, Newcastle's TiNA took on a whole new look ...

Barinia: Branding + Animated Film Titles


Branding + Animated Film Titles 

Headjam were engaged by Storyhaus to collaborate on the television series Barinia.

Taylor Active: Branding + Video Production

Taylor Active

Branding + Video Production 

The Taylor Active project is an initiative of the Centre for Physical Activity Studies (CPAS) Research Cent...

RDA Hunter: Smart Happens Here

RDA Hunter

Smart Happens Here 

The Hunter Region is located on the East coast of Australia, less than 90 minutes by air from Brisbane and ...

SNOWS Artisan Bakers: Branding, Packaging + Website design

SNOWS Artisan Bakers

Branding, Packaging + Website design 

Snows is an artisan bakery located in Newcastle, NSW, that makes delicious and uniquely hand-crafted cakes,...

RDA Hunter: 3D VFX, Compositing + Animation

RDA Hunter

3D VFX, Compositing + Animation 

Developing an advert to encourage school students to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics...

ACON: "Up Ya Bum" Campaign


"Up Ya Bum" Campaign 

The AIDS Council of NSW (ACON) advocate for sexual health awareness in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans...

GradSchool: Branding



GradSchool is dedicated to postgraduate education and has been offering quality degrees in a flexible learn...

GradSchool: "Now You Can" Campaign


"Now You Can" Campaign 

GradSchool are dedicated to postgraduate education at the University of Newcastle (UON). They give you the ...

Headjam: Showreel



Hooray! Headjam turns 10 in 2012. We wanted to share our journey by showcasing a decade of brand developmen...

Hiatus Kaiyote: Press Shots + Live Music Video

Hiatus Kaiyote

Press Shots + Live Music Video 

Hiatus Kaiyote are an incredible Australian band from Melbourne. In 2013 they were nominated for the presti...

Newcastle Museum: Brand + Campaign

Newcastle Museum

Brand + Campaign 

The Newcastle Museum tells the story of Newcastle and the Hunter; it is a place for people, for social and ...

RDA Hunter: Animation

RDA Hunter


Regional Development Australia (RDA) is a national network who work with all levels of government, busines...

Suters Architects: Animation + Publications

Suters Architects

Animation + Publications 

Suters Architects are a Newcastle success story with national recognition and offices around Australia. Sut...

This City Speaks To Me: Book Design + Photography

This City Speaks To Me

Book Design + Photography 

This City Speaks To Me is a documentation of Australian bohemia through the lens of Headjam's Luke Kellett....

Boho Ball: Social Media Marketing

Boho Ball

Social Media Marketing 

Originating in Melbourne, The Bohemian Masquerade Ball is a bi-annual boutique festival recognised as the g...

Newcastle Museum: Toys Exhibition

Newcastle Museum

Toys Exhibition 

Toys - Science At Play' is an exhibition that was created by Science Works in Melbourne, and Scitech in Per...

Scone Equine Hospital: Branding

Scone Equine Hospital


Scone Equine Hospital (SEH) is the largest equine veterinary practice in Australia, delivering the highest ...

Boy & Bear: Film Clip

Boy & Bear

Film Clip 

Headjam was engaged to produce the film clip for the Boy & Bear song Milk and Sticks from the album Moonfir...

ACON: Partying at Home


Partying at Home 

The AIDS Council of NSW (ACON) communicate with the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gender (GLBT) communit...

Woodford Folk Festival: Video Production

Woodford Folk Festival

Video Production 

The Woodford Folk Festival, an event of international standing, is held annually over six days and six nigh...

Video Production

At Headjam we specialise in the full range of video production services from storyboarding to post-production.

Our in-house team includes cinematographers, visual artists, 3D animators and post-production specialists.

  • Motion Graphic Design
    Motion graphic design uses graphic design principles in a filmmaking or video production context through the use of animation or filmic techniques. Examples include the kinetic typography and graphics you see as the titles for a film, or opening sequences for television or the three-dimensional station identification logo for a television channel.

  • 3D & 2D Animation
    Animation ("the act of bringing to life") offers an engaging and powerful way of telling a story. It allows for the implausible or impossible (or the plain difficult-to-film) to be brought to life (e.g. talking animals, the immersive world of Avatar). 2D animation (e.g. Bugs Bunny, The Simpsons, Snow White) is a traditional method that has existed since the 1800s. Traditionally illustrations were done by hand and complied to run together to give the illusion of a moving image. These days, most 2D animation involves using computer software to some degree in order to save time. 3D animation (e.g. Shrek, Toy Story, Transformers [the robots]) is built entirely on computer (with the exception of stop-motion, but that's another story!) using complex programs to create realistic objects that exist in a dynamic 3D environment. With 3D animation we can simulate the real world, including gravity, fur, hair, fire and water.

  • Visual Effects
    Visual effects (Visual FX or VFX) involve the integration of live-action footage and computer generated imagery to create environments which look realistic but would be dangerous, costly, or simply impossible to capture on film. Visual effects artists utilise animation and compositing software and complete most of their work in post-production, though the effects must be carefully planned in pre-production and production.

  • Post-Production
    Post-production is part of filmmaking and the video production process. It is a term for all stages of production occurring after the shooting or recording of a project. Post-production is, in fact, an umbrella term for many different processes. These typically include: video editing; writing, (re)recording, and editing the soundtrack; adding visual special effects; sound design; sound effects; ADR; foley and music; and colour grading (correction). Typically, the post-production phase of creating takes longer than the actual shooting of the project.

  • Digital Filmmaking
    Digital filmmaking is the process of capturing motion pictures as digital images, rather than on film. As digital technology has improved, this practice has become increasingly common. Many mainstream movies now are shot partly or fully digitally (e.g. Avatar, Slumdog Millionaire).

Learn more about our Headjam processes for Video Production.