Case study

Following the success of the 2015 rebrand, Headjam were once again asked to collaborate with TiNA on the promotion of the Festival in 2016 and again in 2017. Read Hide the full case study


This is Not Art (TiNA) is a national Festival of new media and arts organised each year over the October long weekend in Newcastle, New South Wales. Since its humble beginnings in 1998, it has become a leading independent contemporary arts Festival in Australia. TiNA is dedicated to the work and ideas of artistic communities not generally included in other major Australian arts festivals or institutions.


To further raise the profile of the TiNA Festival within the general population of Newcastle, and encourage people that wouldn’t normally attend, to visit the Festival for the first time, as well as proving its economic value to secure important funding in the future.

Target Audience

Newcastle locals and other Australians looking to explore the art world and some hidden treasures within Newcastle.

Consumer Proposition

Better than ever before!

Desired Consumer Response

'What weird and wonderful delights await me at this free Festival?'.

Creative Solution

In 2015, we raised the profile of the TiNA Festival, from one that was previously underground and unheard of to the general Newcastle community, to one that had much more of a presence. We marked venues with black balloons, created social media posts, advertised in the local press, stuck posters around the city and produced a newly designed and developed app and website to improve the customer experience of the festival. We used a single colour print, which enabled us to stick to a very tight print budget and enabled posters/certificates to be printed from the standard office or home printer.

In 2016 and 2017, we built upon the previous year's work in raising the profile and visibility of the Festival.

In 2016, our concept was 'Immerse Yourself'.

We gained some insight that there was a clear disconnect between mainstream members of the public and ‘art’. They may feel that they don’t understand it and are intimidated by this lack of understanding and appreciation for it. We wanted to diffuse this by explaining what TiNA is to this mainstream audience and kick start a conversation by providing some examples of experiences at TiNA. We introduced speech bubbles across all communication which delivered explanations of what TiNA has previously been to Festival goers.

We used colour as in impacting and strong way to simply promote awareness; colour that stands out in its natural environment is powerful and eye-catching. We wanted to use just one colour to take over the city that would stand out both day and night. We decided on neon green because it’s bright, impacting and fresh at the beginning of spring. This year, we decided to place flags instead of balloons to mark venue entrances and wrapped objects around the city in green fabric, making the presence of the Festival both noticed and talked about.

For our campaign video, we filmed a series of people from all walks of life having green paint poured all over them, demonstrating the concept of people both young and old immersing themselves in the Festival this year. The video and stills from the video were shared across social media.

The website and app were updated with the new colours, which brought them both in-line with this year’s concept. We also updated the program with the addition of ‘Family Friendly’ markers, to further reach out to that mainstream audience and show them that TiNA is inclusive for all walks of life.

The usual supportive collateral including posters, programs, Newcastle Herald print ads, venue A-frames and stickers were all produced to provide a full and complete communication package for the Festival.

In order to prove the Festival’s economic value, we used NSW tourism measurements to report on the positive economic impact that the Festival has on the city of Newcastle.

In 2017, our concept was 'Impress Yourself', and we used the colour blue. We created a photographic / video set made up of blue fabric that people could press up against to leave impressions on the fabric.

The simple idea of this art installation was for people to leave their mark and impress themselves on the Festival, encouraging people to visit and see things differently throughout the weekend.

We then applied the new colouring across all of the Festival’s collateral. Again we developed a new app for 2017, for both the iOS and Android app stores, with some key updates from 2016, and created a campaign video to distribute throughout social media as well as printing the infamous TiNA programs.

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