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Snows is an artisan bakery located in Newcastle, NSW, that makes delicious and uniquely hand-crafted cakes, pastries and bread. In 2011, Headjam were selected by Snows as the creative agency to collaborate with them on a major re-brand. Read Hide the full case study


Snows delicious treats taste just like everything used to, a combination of your Grandma’s sweets and your mum’s best comfort food. If you’re looking for yum, look no further.

Snows is led by long time pastry connoisseur and chef Jason Cox, who has worked in locations around the world renowned for their amazing pastry since 1996.

He has a passion that began with the warming smells and tasty food that was so carefully prepared in his mum’s kitchen. She just loved to cook, and now he celebrates life by breaking bread with a much bigger family, you guys!

Besides pastries, Snows offer an amazing range of cakes in sizes for all occasions, along with delicious hand made breads and take home meals for the family.

Headjam were engaged in 2011 by Snows as the creative agency to rearticulate their business identity, and to describe the reason it exists.


Snows grew rapidly from 2008-11 to have a number of cafe’s serving their delicious treats. Although this brought the yummy cakes closer to lots more Novocastrians, it also created the perception that Snows was a chain store, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

The objective of the rebrand and promotional advertising campaign for Snows was to rearticulate it’s point of difference, that everything they produce is hand made in a local bakery and delivered fresh daily to stores and wholesale locations throughout the Hunter region.

Target Audience

Snows have a broad audience, and the population of the Newcastle region is over 546,788 people. That’s 546,788 birthday cakes a year, or a whopping 1,498 birthday cakes eaten everyday.

Simply put, Snows main audience is those that love cake and love birthdays.

Consumer Proposition

The consumer value proposition for Snows was developed to ensure that everything we developed met the same objective. “Made by hand, Made by Snows” became the clear, concise statement that now ensures consumers can understand the Snows’ care driven process simply and quickly.

Desired Consumer Response

When considered how we wanted people to react to the new Snows we considered the essence of what we were trying to accomplish. Snows set out to provide consumers with a great experience. Everyone loves cakes and Snows’ cakes are sensational. In a word, WOW is the reaction we expect from every bite, and this we set out to capture!

Creative Solution

The Snows brand had long been associated with a pale blue and the phrase “patisserie”. However, consumers found it very difficult to spell “patisserie”, so accessing their website was challenging, and the blue had a corporate feel. Headjam set about stripping back all of the assets to black and white, discarding “patisserie” and introducing a hand drawn logo with the descriptive line “artisan bakers” to again reflect their unique point of difference, hand made.

Illustrations were used as the common theme throughout the re-brand, including hand crafted chalk imagery that could be used on everything from point of sale posters and tickets for the delicious cake cabinets to the newly designed and developed responsive website that now enables cake lovers to purchase cakes 24 hours a day.

Photography of the cakes played a big part in the promotion online, and in print advertisements where for the first time people could see and choose mouth watering, editorial style images we created and art directed in house.

Headjam also generated social media assets to be used throughout the year to promote the sale of more yummy treats at special times such as Easter, Mothers Day and Christmas.


Snows aren’t quite selling 1,498 birthday cakes a day, but sales continue to grow and their vision of delivering the most amazing cakes to everyone in the region is being realised. Jason continues to innovate by crafting all kinds of new goodies, to find out about these head into one of the stores and while you’re there make sure you have a coffee made with beans from our other client and Newcastle’s finest coffee roaster, Peaberry's.

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