Scone Equine Hospital


Scone Equine Hospital (SEH) is the largest equine veterinary practice in Australia, delivering the highest standard of veterinary service and health care to the equine industry. The team at SEH are dedicated to providing quality care to all horses, from elite athletes to much-loved companion ponies. Scone Equine Hospital provides the equine industry with a specialist team in equine surgery, medicine, reproduction, neonatal and intensive care.

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Headjam were engaged to produce Name, Brand Identity and Brand Positioning Strategies for Scone Equine Hospital. An advertising and marketing campaign was developed to raise awareness of the scientific developments made by the SEH reproduction specialists with the message, "Scone Equine Hospital, Advancing Equine Health".

A comprehensive narrative film was made to introduce Scone Equine Hospital to potential student veterinarians and to industry peers around the world. Headjam collaborated with filmmaker and storyteller Karl Brandstater from Storyhaus for the narrative video.

Processes Used in this Project

Branding· Brand Identity· Brand Positioning· Brand Strategy· Logo Design· Graphic Design· Environmental Graphic Design· Illustrations· Signage· Typography Design· Marketing· Print Media· Book Design· Booklet Design· Brochure Design· Corporate Printing· Print Advertising· Print Design· Print Management· Print Production· Project Management· Video Production· Broadcast· Compositing· Editing· Film Direction· Storyboarding· User Interface Design· Website Design· Website Development

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