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Mindframe is a critical national resource for journalists looking for up to date information about reporting on suicide. The program is part of the Hunter Institute of Mental Health (HIMH) Read Hide the full case study


Mindframe is a Hunter Institute of Mental Health (HIMH) promotion and prevention program aimed at journalists throughout Australia. Mindframe provides access to up-to-date, evidence-based information to support the reporting of mental illness and suicide within communities and provides journalists with quick, bite-size pieces of information that supports them when writing an article, ensuring their reporting does not negatively impact the community as a whole.

In 2014 Headjam were engaged by HIMH to develop an app for the program.


The objective of the project was to translate the printed resource into an interactive app that allowed journalists to access information on the go.

Creative Solution

One of the greatest challenges we’ve had was the sheer amount of incredible but long-form content within the Mindframe resource. There were pages and pages of helpful information to aid journalists in almost any situation.

For us this was challenging as the app mainly functioned like a book, however we didn’t want it to be placed in the iBook or eBook stores, as we needed the app to be one click away on the phone of the journalist to access whenever they needed. We designed and developed an app that leveraged basic inbuilt functionality of the phones they used such as; bookmarking pages, highlighting sections of text, creating notes and saving them for later, which all became key to ensuring the content could be managed and maintained by the user.

We implemented a simple social sharing function that allowed the journalist to copy key sections of the content and place straight into their twitter account. This provided on the go journalists the ultimate tool to report suicide or mental health in the safest way possible, allowing them to get on with what they do best.

Download it now.

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