Just Been Laid

Branding, Website and Print

Sarah Sivyer approached Headjam in 2017 to collaborate with her on her new business, which she cheekily suggested should be called Just Been Laid. How could we refuse? This kind of brilliance is totally up our street!

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Just Been Laid are a Hunter based family-owned business that have a beautiful farm at the base of the Barrington Tops mountain region. They have pasture-raised chickens and sell their eggs on a subscription model to the local population. Their eggs are delicious and their practice is completely sustainable. Owner/operator Sarah Sivyer engaged Headjam in early 2017 to collaborate on naming and branding her new business to give it a point of difference in the market place and articulate their beautiful hand process. 


The first objective was to convince local businesses that they should use ‘Just Been Laid’ eggs in their establishment, and supply them for resale to consumers. 

The second objective was to convince people that they need to buy ethical, fresh, pasture raised eggs. We wanted to educate people on where their food comes from and what ‘pasture raised’ means.

The third objective was to bring awareness to the Hunter Valley and Newcastle community around the ‘Just Been Laid’ brand and unique business model.

Target Audience

The ideal target audience for ‘Just Been Laid’ would be local Hunter Valley and Newcastle establishments and eateries, who are renowned for supporting farming and best practice produce and have aligning goals.

The secondary audience is food lovers of all ages, in particular ethical consumers who appreciate knowing where their food comes from.

Consumer Proposition

Food is a gift.

Desired Consumer Response

‘The product is the freshest on the market – like we got it straight from our own backyard’.

Creative Solution

Headjam collaborated with Sarah to cheekily name the business ‘Just Been Laid’. This tongue in cheek name positioned the business and attracted the right type of audience.

We created hand drawn graphics and lettering on their packaging to reinforce the hand process the farm goes through. We printed the egg carton slips on Kraft paper and produced a die cut as part of the process to highlight the chooks head and the grams of the eggs. We sourced a black egg carton to contrast with the slip and provide a dynamic look. 

We wanted to create a brand that was simple, recognisable and felt like a stamp which is why we chose to make the logo one colour.

The website we produced allows the user to subscribe to receive fresh eggs straight from the farm and explains the process of how it works. The #1 focus of the website is to drive subscriptions, and the website was made for a friendly user experience.


Over the first 12 months of operation, Just Been Laid were able to grow their online subscription to take 3825 orders. This is spread across a number of micro transactions each week for their subscribers, as well as the eggs sold at markets. The eggs are available to collect at over 15 locations within the Hunter region.

The feedback from the community has been positive, with customers commenting on the fun element of the brand and the name. The packaging and point of difference it provides has enabled the brand to stand out at local markets and the pickup locations.

Collaborating with Sarah, the owner of Just Been Laid, was incredibly rewarding for a number of reasons, but most notably to be able to successfully implement a subscription based model for the business which has ‘laid’ some solid foundations for us all to build on over the coming years.

The project was also a finalist in the prestigious Australian creative awards; the AWARD Awards.