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Hunter Valley Training Company (HVTC) is Australia's oldest and largest group training organisation and has employed and trained more than 18,000 people over the past 30 years. HVTC currently provide jobs and training to around 1,200 people a year through 11 offices throughout NSW and Queensland. Read Hide the full case study


Headjam was engaged in 2011 to collaborate with HVTC on designing and developing their new website, intranet and extranet. Our creative brief was to find a way to bring HVTC's 11 regional offices together into a comprehensive site that also integrated with the companies GTO and RTO applications. Boasting an online job portal and an online course portal, this site was the first of its kind within the group training organisation marketplace in Australia.

The intranet was built around the concept of collaboration and sharing. This was achieved by creating a social media portal where each member of staff could communicate internally with one another over 11 regional offices in a secure and friendly environment. Document version control was also a key consideration and the intranet was build specifically to meet all of HVTC's internal and external audit requirements.

The extranet was built to facilitate induction training of new apprentices and trainees before they start working with their host employer. The user progresses through a series of video or written questions with multiple choice answers and is given a pass or fail score that is automatically detected by the system, triggering emails that inform key personnel of the results.

Headjam also collaborated with HVTC to produce an Australia-wide social media strategy for the organisation. The brief was to enable the company to engage with their apprentices and trainees on a platform that they use intuitively on a regular basis.

The outstanding result is a testament to a true collaboration with all the incredible staff at HVTC, without whom this vision couldn't have been made possible.

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