Case study

Headjam was engaged to develop a brand solution and website that would position Highlite as the leader in technology-based personal training, and to ensure that Highlite is well known within the local Newcastle community in readiness for their new gym. Read Hide the full case study


Highlite was established in Newcastle in 2011 by husband and wife team Mark and Angela. They describe themselves as a progressive fitness business with a vision to utilise advances in technology for their customers to achieve the best results possible.

During the training, the Highlite team monitor heart rate to ensure a trainee stays in what they call the ‘burn zone’ to maximize results and weight loss.

Throughout a training session, they utilise barbells, bumper plates, kettle bells, wall balls, slam balls and plyometric boxes to name just a few.

When Headjam was briefed on the project, Highlite training sessions were only ever held outdoors, but in our creative development, we had to keep in mind their plans to open the first technology gym in Newcastle in the near future.


Our brief was to develop a brand solution and website that would position Highlite as the leader in technology based personal training and to ensure Highlite is well known within the local Newcastle community in readiness for the new gym.

Target Audience

The target audience is identified as professional men and women, young mums and dads 25+ years old in Newcastle and surrounding areas, however, to get a clear insight of our audience, we engaged their involvement.

We found that our target audience enjoy training with others and play or have played in a sports team, which is a great insight as the Highlite way of training encourages competition against oneself and with each other.

Consumer Proposition

Highlite training is the fun and friendly way to train with latest technology.

Desired Consumer Response

'Highlite has made my fitness training fun and given me tailored advice and feedback that I have never been able to source before'.

Creative Solution

In our discussions with owners Mark and Angela, and from our own research, it was clear that the technology is the key difference between Highlite and other fitness training facilities.

Whilst we wanted the Brand to reflect a sporty, hi-tech look and feel, it also needed to be approachable and friendly.

To that end, we researched and developed a number of geometric and graphic forms that reflected movement and energy, before creating the final typographic design for the Brand’s logo.

A vivid yellow colour was chosen to reflect that of a highlighter. It’s bright, bold and energetic, as well as being clearly recognisable and a standout among the local fitness community.

Finally we wrote the copy line ‘hi-tech fitness’ to accompany the Brand logo, reinforcing the Brand’s technological difference and to build on the Brand personality creating maximum impact and clarity.


Highlite’s goal has always been to hit 200 ongoing members for all of their classes combined. Within the first 12 months of opening their new gym, we collectively have contributed to growing the member base by 30%, which is just slightly shy of this goal. We are strategically working with both Angela and Mark to reach this target in 2017, through a series of campaigns and ongoing promotions.

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