Case study

Headjam developed a sexual health promotional campaign in collaboration with Hunter New England Population Health and Headspace centres within the region cheekily called 'Fanny and Tom's'. Read Hide the full case study


We were excited to have a call from some of our favourite collaborators from Hunter New England Population Health (HNEPH), Laura Jenkins and Marnie Britton, who briefed us on a project to help them introduce sexual health clinics to Headspace centres around the Hunter. The centres aimed at inviting young adults and teenagers to get tested for STI’s. The pilot aimed to measure how successful the centres would be before being rolled out further afield.


To encourage a young mixed-culture audience to get tested for STI's with a special focus on, Chlamydia, HIV and Hep C as well as inspiring trust in the centre and the nurse practitioners present.

Creative Solution

Our inspiration for the Fanny and Tom’s brand came from popular culture, in an effort to appeal to a young audience with the aim of reducing the negative, sterile and cold association that comes with getting tested and STIs. We named the sexual health clinics ‘Fanny and Tom’s’; both had links to names and connotations of genitalia. It’s tongue in cheek and was just cocky enough to work. The creative execution uses humorous graphic illustrations that we produced in-house, all with an underlying sexual messages. The campaign shifts a serious subject that teens tend to avoid and instead encourages and even welcomes conversations about sexual health.

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