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Based on many years of research and experience Edugo Asia has developed a program that teaches the correct use of English. Its primary goal is to assist business people from Asia - particularly China and Korea - to succeed in Australia and America. Read Hide the full case study


The Edugo Asia program simulates a classroom environment through its educational videos. Here, the teacher presents pronunciation examples and animated text in a series of carefully constructed lessons.

The objective with this project was to promote the program to a non-native English speaking market throughout Asia by highlighting Edugo Asia's videobased classroom environment.

We developed an IOS (Apple operating system) app for the iTunes app store that was aimed at the Asian market. The app included the self-made and recorded videos Edugo Asia have developed over the last few years.

We developed brand identity informed by research into the culture of the target audience. Colour, for example, is of great cultural significance - did you know that in China men wear green to symbolise infidelity?

Through our research we understood that the Asian app market was highly competitive. On Headjam's recommendation an in-app purchase solution was implemented that allows users to view the first lesson free. Users then pay at the click of a button to instantly unlock additional content. This levelled the playing field with free apps by presenting a risk-free initial download to customers.

We also developed a responsive website to promote the app, house information about Edugo Asia and collaborated with a Chinese based advertising agency to promote the app within Asia, aiding them in integrating the app's analytics on the go as the app was downloaded and in app purchases were made.

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