Case study

Headjam were engaged by Storyhaus to collaborate on the television series Barinia.

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Storyhaus are an incredible production company located in the Hunter. Headjam have collaborated with Karl and his team over many years, and in 2014 they excitingly engaged us to collaborate on their newest and most adventurous production to date. Barinia, a journey documenting an Aussie ballerina, a French skipper and a vintage yacht sailing around the Mediterranean… a remarkable story 25 years in the making.


The objective of the project was to develop a number of video titles for the series that showed the crews journey throughout the Mediterranean as well as developing a Brand mark that could tie everything together.

Creative Solution

The heritage of ‘Barinia’ and the navigation tools used to sail around the sea were key themes that we explored in our critical research phase. The logo and Brand mark were derived from tracing the name ‘Barinia’ from the ship’s helm. We worked with the traditional kurning of the type, which added a piece of the yacht into everything we developed on and offline. For the video titles we illustrated a series of nautical charts that were 3D generated in Myer. A 3D camera was used to create stunning camera movements that showcased the whole Mediterranean; these could be zoomed in all the way down to the individual coves that showed the unique landscapes the ship explored.

Images by Chloe Brandstater

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