Case study

After a series of successful collaborations, The University of Newcastle’s Physical Activity Researcher, Dr Mitch Duncan, approached Headjam again to collaborate on producing an iOS and Android app called ‘Balanced’.

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The purpose of the Balanced was to capture data from subscribed users who were entering their physical activity either manually or syncing with their Fitbit device. The data was then analysed by Mitch’s team of researchers who would use the results to understand which method of data entry had the largest impact on increasing physical activity within the general population in Australia - manually entering your results or using technology to do it for you.


To qualify whether the wearable technology market is indeed effective at increasing the population’s activity levels or not.

Creative Solution

Mitch came to Headjam with the creative idea of providing users results for physical activity, sleep and inactivity in a simple traffic light format. We investigated this idea, developed a series of mockups and researched the demographics the app was intended to reach and agreed that this method would be a great way to ensure the information provided to the user was simple and easy to understand. We created a brand identity that was fresh, energetic, easy to use and appealing to as many demographics as possible. The colour palette was developed to be fresh and inviting with icons being large and friendly to encourage interaction and understanding.

Download Balanced here.

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