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Allambi Care provides services to people who are often overlooked by other care organisations, reach their full potential. Headjam were engaged in 2015 by Allambi Care to rename, rebrand and rebuild the visual elements of the organisation. We sought to create a brand visually appealing, with a journalistic feeling to reflect the reality of the people Allambi serves.

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Allambi Care is a leading provider of Disability Services and Support in Newcastle, the Central Coast and Hunter Region. They provide services within Foster Care, Respite, Community Support and Disability Services that also include Accommodation, Respite Care and Clinical Support.

Headjam were engaged in 2015 by Allambi to rename, rebrand and rebuild the visual elements of the organisation completely across their logo and identity, signage, documentation and website.


Our objective for Allambi Care was to ensure that those people looking to take on a role within their team, or those looking to foster a child for the first time, knew the facts upfront, including the good the bad and the ugly, and that they knew how rewarding and challenging the role would be throughout their tenure.

This strategy and objective was aimed at reducing the number of enquiries, whilst increasing and attracting the right type of leads and people to the organisation. This approach is almost a reverse of a ‘traditional’ marketing method and something that we will often employ to strategically grow an organisation.

Target Audience

Allambi Care’s key services are diverse, meaning that they have the following audiences:

+ Potential new or existing Foster Carers.

+ Parents or Carers of children with a disability requiring accommodation or assistance full or part-time.

+ Carers themselves looking for work. This is crucial, as Allambi Care rely on superb Carers to help them achieve their goals of excellence.

+ Singles

Consumer Proposition

‘Go beyond’ was used throughout the Branding process for all internal communication with the Allambi Care team. It was created to make it recognised that their team went above and beyond on a daily basis, but also that this was what set them apart. If they didn’t agree with this sentiment, then this was probably not the right place for them.

Desired Consumer Response

‘I trust Allambi Care’.

Trust was key, not only for the internal team to trust and support each other, but for Allambi Care’s greater family of Carers to trust the organisation as a whole.

Trust is something that you build over time, going through tough times, good times and changes. The industry is a hard industry and it isn’t possible to please everyone all of the time. Allambi Care set themselves apart by being real and honest at each stage of their process.

Creative Solution

Allambi Care’s role in the community is vital, but it is hard. They work in a very rewarding, but very challenging profession, and this leads to a higher than average turnover of their team. People on the surface are interested in working within this sector for a number of reasons; one might be money, the other the flexible hours, but it takes a really unique and resilient individual to continue to collaborate and treat this as a career instead of a job. This became the foundation of the creative solution.

First off, Headjam considered the company name 'Allambi', as it stood at the time. The name alone wasn't descriptive of the company or what they do. We considered the various offerings provided by Allambi and the hugely dedicated workforce that they employ. The result, was that 'Allambi Care' in everything they do and in all of the services that they provide, and so this is what we renamed them.

We then developed the Brand identity as a badge to be worn with pride. We used parallels with other ‘tough’ careers such as the police, being an astronaut or being part of the Marvel ‘Avengers’. We put these career choices on a parallel with Allambi Care’s team roles and responsibilities.

To further reinforce this, when we initially visited Allambi Care, we noticed a quote on the wall; it read “for those of you just looking for a job, please remember that this is my life”. This was a quote from an Allambi Care client that perfectly summed up what we were culturally creating and changing the mindset of each individual team member, to reinforce their importance within the Allambi Care team.

The visual representation of all of this was the Allambi Care crest you see today. A strong apex in the A, followed by four quarters of a circle that visually represented the four pillars of the organisation; Belonging, Mastery, Independence and Generosity.

The uniforms were radically changed to reflect the new approach to communication. They were created to be worn with pride by the team, without screaming ‘I am a carer’. Almost like a secret club, you could recognise the individual on the street if you were ‘in the know’ and say “hi”. If you didn’t know what it was, you would think that it was just a nice, well-designed, branded t-shirt or top. Hoodies were also included, as well as an array of t-shirts to replace the polo’s for everyday wear.

The website was created specifically for generating leads and enquiries. Everything from people looking to be a Foster Carer to people looking to be part of the Allambi Care team. Each page has a subsequent form that is used to generate and collate the interest of people visiting. They are categorised into the relevant mailing lists and sent to the corresponding Allambi Care team member to respond to. This structurally has improved the speed of which people respond to enquiries, and has helped with people’s day-to-day workflow and time management.

Signage is the final stage of most projects and this one was a great conclusion to visually complete the rebranding process. The installation happened throughout the Allambi Care Head Office in Newcastle NSW and tied everything together, whilst practically aiding people to find the correct office and building, through well-designed wayfinding signs throughout the complex and car park areas.


Since the launch of the new Allambi Care Brand, there have been some great successes.

The traffic to the website has increased month-on-month totalling a 70% increase in usage since the new site launched, compared to the old. This is due to Headjam’s work on SEO keywords and ongoing advertising campaigns that are in market for their relevant services, as well as our work on the user experience design and user interface design for the website development. The organisation now receives close to 500 unique website visits per day.

We have also helped the organisation increase its enquiries substantially by close to 100%, and on average, are generating 7 leads per day for all of their service areas. This equates to around 2,500 leads per year from the work we have collaborated together on.

Culturally, the organisation has seen significant positive change within the internal team. The uniform cupboards have even been raided on two occasions when uniform orders arrived in! The team are a great group; they support each other through tough times as well as the great times, and no matter the challenges the industry as a whole faces, Allambi Care are established as a symbol of strength for the local and regional community they support.

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