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The AIDS Council of NSW (ACON) communicates with the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gender (GLBT) community about important health issues. ACON identified gay and bisexual men at high risk of carrying and transmitting sexually transmitted infection (STI) due to their reluctance to undertake regular STI checks.

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This cheeky and humorous campaign was directed at 30 year old homosexual and bisexual men in Newcastle, NSW, with a clear message that sex need't be stressful, so long as you take responsibility for your sexual health and have regular check-ups.

We were engaged as the creative agency to produce a campaign that used humour to lessen the stigma around sexual health testing and empower the audience to take ownership and responsibility for their sexual health. "Relieve Yourself" was a highly successful local campaign that appealed to the target demographic and successfully opened the channels of communication within a "conservative" community about an otherwise taboo sexual health issue.

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