Sara is a designer and entrepreneur with tonnes of energy and diverse training and experience who comes to Headjam after five years in Marketing and Communications at the University of New South Wales’ famous College of Fine Arts (COFA).

She completed her Bachelor of Design with Honours at COFA where she graduated first in her class, and in between creating elegant design solutions at Headjam she is the Head Designer and Owner of Dubbleyou, a design label with distribution through over 20 shops in Australia and New Zealand.

My goal is to create designs that evoke joy in people whilst being considered and mindful.

Sara has a love of ideas, materials, aesthetics, concrete, scarves, copper, how things work and are made, sustainable practices, collaboration, packaging, the sharing of information, colour, dogs and the interior design of restaurants - especially neon salmon coloured ones – and the names of groups of animals (like a flamboyance of flamingos).

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