Levi Ceccato

Digital Developer

Levi has many hidden talents that are a joy to uncover. His thorough nature ensures that his digital builds are solid and flawless.

Levi Ceccato
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Levi’s motivation comes from the positive feelings his creations affect. Whether it’s through code, design or art. Currently developing websites at Headjam, Levi is endeavouring to broaden his skillset and learn about the digital landscape.

He’s completed a Diploma of Graphic Design at Newcastle TAFE and has 3 years of industry experience. His designs have reached many of the large Australian universities, including Western Sydney University, Monash University and The University of Southern Queensland. 

Having worked with promotional products, Levi has acquired an understanding of the more physical and hands-on aspects of branding, such as printing and decoration methods.
In his downtime Levi finds himself being distracted by multiple artistic projects, all of which he will definitely finish.


“I believe in the relentless pursuit of quality”

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