Jaime has a "hands on" approach, and a passion for the elemental, for earthy materials like timber and metals employed in elegant design solutions.

She has over a decade of experience in a diverse range of design contexts from the arts through to large-scale commerce as a freelancer, and in crews as part of full service agencies down to small creative studios.

I love beautifully considered objects. Hands-on design and creation is such an important part of being human.

Jaime’s versatile skillset includes hand lettering, which often helps shape her expert graphic design for brand identity elements like logo and logotype, and applications in signage and other collateral such as brochures.

She completed a Diploma of Graphic Design at Newcastle TAFE, and Printmaking at Newcastle Art School when she discovered a love for printmaking, and using linocut, woodcut and screen-printing techniques to create beautiful designs in mixed media that boast strong composition, and innovative use of colour and pattern.

In her spare time, she blisses out on yoga, and messing about in her home studio on tonnes of fascinating arty projects.

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