Elena loves to combine creativity and strategy to deliver the best results for Headjam’s clients.

With experience ranging from writing, project management and policy development to consulting across health, government, not for profits and arts organisations, she is closely aligned to Headjam’s key stakeholders.

At Headjam, Elena crafts digital content strategy and plans content, leverages client data to define customer insights and targeting, and proactively identifies strategic problems, and proposes solutions, contributing to growth across strategic work for both existing and new clients. She promotes clients’ brand awareness through organic marketing channels such as social media, and has contributed to the execution and delivery of advertising campaigns across different digital marketing channels.

As a writer with two novels under her belt, Elena is passionate about content design and enjoys writing content that allows people to do or find out what they need to simply and quickly, using the most appropriate format available.

In my role it comes in handy to understand well both the project management challenges and the creative process.

Elena started her career in health, obtaining a MSc in Public Health and holding positions at the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence and the Health Protection Agency in the UK. In Australia, she worked as part of the Mindframe program, to promote sensitive and responsible media portrayals of mental illness and suicide. This included collaboration with the Australian Writers’ Guild and consulting for production companies like Matchbox Pictures and Jungle Entertainment.

An avid learner, she is currently undertaking a Certificate IV in Marketing and Communications.

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