Elena is a skilled project manager with a passion for the creative industries and a special interest in social marketing.

A freelance writer, she’s published fiction, interviews and opinion pieces in national media and has a love for copywriting.

With a research-based MSc in Public Health, before joining Headjam Elena led a national project to promote sensitive and responsible portrayals of mental illness and suicide on TV, film and streaming content, which included collaboration with the Australian Writers’ Guild and consulting for production companies like Matchbox Pictures and Jungle Entertainment.

I’m quite adaptable and enjoy finding solutions to problems. I think I understand well both the project management challenges and the creative process, which is handy as I’m an intermediary between our clients and our creative team.

In her years working in the UK and Australia, Elena has helped shape policies and create partnerships across different sectors.

She’s always open to a nerdy discussion about language, history or films.

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