What sort of content do I need?

The content on your website will naturally depend on the purpose and audience of your website. Text, images, music and videos are all able to be put online. You can also provide links to other filetypes (such as PDFs and Word documents) for your users to download, if required.

All your content will need to be optimised for web display. This means concise text and smaller file-sizes for your images, music and videos. The bigger the file-size, the longer your users will have to wait while downloading them.

What sort of images can I use?

Headjam recommends using images with filetypes .JPG, .PNG, or .GIF.

  • .JPG – also known as .JPEG, these images are suitable for most photographs. .JPG compresses the image so that the file-size is smaller, which means the user can download it faster. However, this compression also means that there can be a loss of quality.
  • .PNG – a lossless compression, .PNG images have a bigger file-size than .JPEGs. However, this means .PNGs have a lot more clarity, and are better at displaying images with text.
  • .GIF – this format is most useful for solid colours and simple designs.

Remember: even after you've uploaded your images, users will still need to download them to see them. Bigger file-sizes mean they have to wait longer to see the item, and if it takes too long they'll just give up and leave!